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A child stares out the window - hands pressed to the glass, expression forlorn. Beyond his reflection are his siblings, all bouncing on their beloved trampoline. They giggle; they shout; and he does neither, deemed too young to join them. It's a matter of safety, with little legs too shaky for such tall heights. You know how much he wants to play, though, and wonder if there's a way to provide him with the fun he craves (and the safety you expect).

5x7FT Rectangle Trampoline

5x7FT Rectangle Trampoline


31% OFF RRP $320.00
5x7FT Toddler / Mini Trampoline with Enclosure
18% OFF RRP $420.00
6FT Trampoline with Enclosure

6FT Trampoline with Enclosure


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Jump Star suggests a mini trampoline. These options allow your youngest child to experience the excitement of bouncing - without the normal height of traditional models. They serve as ideal introductions to fitness, and they offer controlled and secure environments. This connects you to the reassurance you need.

Founded in 2010, Jump Star proudly offers Australian families a selection of mini trampolines. Allow us to do the same for you, providing quality products and safe experiences. To learn more contact us by phone (08-9358-5660) or visit our shop (357 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington WA). We’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns.

Size Does Indeed Matter: The Advantage of Mini Trampolines for Sale

A need for safety drives your every decision. You wish to protect your child from every possible danger - and this includes potentially rough playtimes with his siblings. This is why a mini trampoline becomes an ideal option for your home.

These options boast low profiles, rising a mere 38cm from the ground. This eliminates any concern of a sudden tumble. When paired with our signature enclosure - which offers polypropylene mesh netting and our exclusive Zip-N-Clip entries - it also eliminates any parental worries. Mini trampolines are intended for your little ones, and they encourage fun, safe experiences.

Developing Healthy Habits: Choosing Mini Trampolines for Sale

You wish your child to be healthy and happy. Inspiring an interest in wellness activities, therefore, is essential. A mini trampoline provides the perfect outlet for engaging exercise - transitioning from the back-garden to the lounge with ease. These options are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be quickly moved. This ensures that even rainy days don’t interrupt playtime.

It also helps to establish early wellness habits. According to the Dietitians Association of Australia, one out of every four children (ages 5 to 17) suffer from obesity. Mini trampolines can help to counter this issue, providing children with fun fitness options - and inspiring smart long-term choices. They turn exercise into excitement.

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Your child is too young to experience the high-flying bounces of his siblings’ children's trampoline. You can, however, offer him an option tailored just for him - one that’s safe and inviting.

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