Three Tips for Keeping Your Trampoline Safe, from Installing a Trampoline Enclosure to Correct Tramp

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If used incorrectly, a trampoline can be dangerous, but it doesn't have to be. By taking the proper steps to secure your trampoline, you can go a long way towards preventing injuries and maximising enjoyment. It doesn't matter if the trampoline is being used primarily by kids or mainly by adults. These safety tips are for everyone and are important for every trampoline user to remember.

How to Create a Safer Trampoline

  1. Buy a Trampoline with an Enclosure

    If you haven't bought your trampoline yet, buy with safety in mind and choose a trampoline with an enclosure. At Jump Star, we have a range of trampolines in this category—both circular and rectangular. A trampoline enclosure is essentially a safety net, meant to prevent trampoline users from tumbling off the edge of the trampoline and to the ground. Since many trampolines are elevated significantly above the ground, this type of safety net is a vital investment for preventing injury. If you already have a trampoline, and it didn't come with an enclosure, don't worry: Jump Star also sells replacement enclosures that you can install on your existing trampoline.

  2. Install Safety Pads

    The hard ground surrounding your trampoline is not the only danger. On the contrary, while landing on the trampoline mat is perfectly safe, the components that hold the mat up—the springs, the hooks and the steel frame—don't offer such a soft landing. Round or rectangular safety pads can cover up these metal components and reduce the likelihood of hard landings. Safety pads are also often waterproof, perfect for protecting your trampoline's springs from the elements and helping them last longer. Jump Star Trampolines also carries safety pads.

  3. Find the Right Position

    The list of rules for placing your trampoline will look surprisingly long if you are a first-time trampoline owner. However, reading through that list of rules will tell you that all of the rules are the stuff of common sense. First off, be sure to place your trampoline on level ground. Putting the trampoline on a slope will make it more difficult for users to balance and will increase the risk of falls. Secondly, make sure the ground beneath the trampoline is clear. If there is anything underneath it—rocks, sticks, furniture, children, etc.—either clear the area or move the trampoline to a safer spot. Finally, don't position the trampoline near trees, buildings, fences, lamp posts, patio furniture or any other objects. While an enclosure trampoline will help to prevent falls, you don't want to risk crashing into a tree or metal pole if you do take a tumble off the mat.

In addition to these three tips, be sure to check the condition your trampoline's springs, mats and enclosure nets on a regular basis. These materials can wear out over time, so knowing when to replace them is a cornerstone of trampoline safety.

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