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Choose from our great range of accessories to get the most enjoyment out of your trampoline

Here at Jump Star Trampolines, we help you get the most enjoyment out of your trampoline, with our amazing trampoline Fun Spray - suitable for all sizes, brands and shapes of trampolines.

Our Fun Spray Kits are the perfect way to stay cool in summer, while jumping on your trampoline. The Fun Spray is a water spray / mister that sprays water onto the trampoline while you are jumping, making it even more fun! Jump Star Fun Spray will make your tampoline the coolest place to be in summer!

When you choose Jump Star Trampolines Accessories for your Trampolines, not only do you benefit from quality made items that have been designed to last, you also get the convenience of online shopping. With one simple online purchase you can have your items delivered to your door. We deliver Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and beyond.

A trampoline with quality springs will give you more

Cheap or inferior springs overstretch more quickly and as a result, provide less spring for your trampoline. This is why it’s important to purchase the appropriate products with a dependable level of craftsmanship, ensuring you receive the greatest value from your product without the constant need for replacements.

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Trampoline Crazy Sprinkler

Trampoline Crazy Sprinkler


50% OFF RRP $50.00
Trampoline Jet Spray Mister / Sprinkler 7M
50% OFF RRP $50.00
Trampoline Jet Spray Mister / Sprinkler 11M
40% OFF RRP $50.00
Trampoline Jet Spray Mister / Sprinkler 18M
50% OFF RRP $70.00