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Purchase a Trampoline Complete with a Safety Enclosure Online

Here at Jump Star Trampolines we believe play and safety should go hand in hand, which is why we provide a range of quality made products that provide peace of mind to parents. One of the biggest dangers while playing on a trampoline was the potential of jumping too close to the edge and falling off. Luckily, we can remove this hazard with the addition of a trampoline enclosure.

Fitting a trampoline with an enclosure offers great safety benefits for customers and prevents nasty falls, which is perfect for the kids. On our website, you can find the perfect enclosure for your trampoline at an affordable price. We have a range of products to fit rectangle designs and have sizes ranging from 7x10 to 10x17FT. Each of our enclosures has been made using only the best high quality materials, with poles built using galvanised steel and UV resistant nets.

Why purchase an enclosure from us?

As we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, you can be sure they will last longer than products from our competitors. We provide effective safety measures for your children to prevent falls and even include an added feature that ensures secure entry. Our team is so confident in our products, in fact, that we offer a one year warranty on every enclosure we sell. This means you can buy without worry knowing you are getting one of the best products available.

Order today

Here at Jump Star, we make it easy to purchase everything you need to ensure a safe jumping experience. If you would like an enclosure, you can purchase a net online at your convenience. We happily deliver items right across Australia for an affordable price. To find out more about our products before ordering, simply give us a call on 08 6261 1025.


5x7FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
34% OFF RRP $220.00
7x10FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
36% OFF RRP $370.00
8x12FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
36% OFF RRP $380.00
9x14FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
25% OFF RRP $400.00
10x15FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
31% OFF RRP $480.00
10x17FT Rectangle Trampoline Enclosure Kit - 8 Poles
31% OFF RRP $480.00