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It’s an endless series of aisles. You dejectedly push your cart through a massive retail store - harried families rushing past you, speakers blaring announcements of limited-time discounts, an air-con system sputtering in failure. It's a miserable experience, and you give a long sigh, trying to find a trampoline for sale that meets your children's expectations (and your budget). You don’t succeed.

Jump Star sympathises with your plight. We also offer an alternative, connecting our customers to seamless shopping and online ease. Allow us to provide you with the leading trampolines for sale - without demanding a chaotic visit to a big-box chain. Discover the value (and simplicity) of at-home purchasing and find the perfect product for your back-garden.

Established in 2010, Jump Star has since become the premier provider of trampoline products for sale. We offer a diverse range of rectangular and round options, as well as quality accessories and spare parts. To learn more about our available items contact our team today by phone (08-9358-5660) or by email (info@jumpstar.com.au). We’ll promptly respond to all questions.

Seeking Trampolines for Sale: The Value of Online Shopping

Finding a trampoline for sale is easy. Finding one that reflects your budget and your schedule, however, is decidedly less so - with shopping trips too often leaving your wallet light and your hours wasted. We change this through our online warehouse experience.

Product Variety

Jump Star boasts a wide selection of trampolines for sale, including Round (with size ranging from 4.5ft. to 16ft.) and Rectangular (with sizes ranging from 7ft. x 10ft. to 10ft. x 17ft.). Find the right option for your back-garden with ease, and then pair it with our many accessories and spare parts.

Fast Delivery

Lugging trampolines for sale from the shelf to the car is an undeniable hassle - with you straining to manoeuvre a massive box and heavy net. Online shopping spares you this frustration, with our products boasting a variety of quick (and simple) delivery options. Discover nationwide convenience with Star Track Express, Direct Freight Express, Border Express, and Fastway.

Personal Service

Each trampoline for sale delivers more than quality materials. It also connects our clients to a promise of personal service, with our team striving to answer every question and address every concern. We help families find the right options and the most convenient payment plans.

A dedication to convenience drives us - with all trampolines for sale providing variety, speed, and specialised support.

In Need of a Trampoline for Sale? Contact Jump Star Today.

We believe that you deserve a better shopping experience. This is why we offer premium trampolines for sale and online efficiency, ensuring that you receive the products, service, and convenience you desire.

To learn more about our trampoline options for sale contact us today.

Rectangle Trampolines for Sale! Get an Awesome Deal from Jump Star

What excites you most about a trampoline? Is it the speed you achieve during a jump? The agile feeling you get from bounding back to and fro? Perhaps the social element from jumping about with a group of friends or the miles of smiles you see on your kids’ faces as they enjoy the bouncing up and down off of that trampoline mat.

Trampolining is a great activity, whether you do it for fun or training. Gymnasts, acrobats, dancers, and cheerleaders all benefit from the incredible skill sharpening exercise of the trampoline bounce. Whatever your fancy, Jump Star has rectangle trampolines for sale that will fulfill your every trampoline whim.

Using the very best components, we make the very best trampolines. We source UV-resistance fabrics; quality manufactured jump mats, and high-grade 2.5mm galvanised steel to create rectangular trampolines that last years longer than any of our competitors'.

Our ethic demands that we deliver the best quality and the best prices, which is why we can sell our trampolines for less than comparable models from other suppliers while still adhering to all Australian safety standards. Thinking you can't afford a trampoline? Think again, with our stress free lay-by policy; we offer customers the opportunity to manage their lay-by payments through our website. There's no minimum payment schedule, and all customers can manage their payments as it suits them.

Jump Star has rectangle trampolines for sale of whatever size suits your needs. We are an Australian family-owned company located in Perth. Our huge range of safe high-quality products has enabled us to grow and grow. We now send items to Brisbane, Sydney, MelbourneAdelaide, and in fact all over Australia.  

Ready? Our team is ready to assist. Call us on (08) 9358 5660 or email us at info@jumpstar.com.au to find out more about our excellent range of high-quality Australian trampolines.