Beat the Heat with a Trampoline Sprinkler

As if a trampoline weren’t fun enough, now you can add a trampoline sprinkler to your kids’ favourite piece of play equipment. This means that even when it’s hot out, they’ll have a cool, safe place to exercise and have fun with their friends. Imagine that – two of a kid’s most favourite things to play with – together!

Trampoline Sprinkler Fun for Everyone

Your house will be the centre of the neighbourhood with Jump Star Trampoline’s Fun Spray trampoline sprinkler. It attaches easily to your current trampoline regardless of size, shape, or brand. Our Fun Spray Water Mister emits a fine spray of water on the trampoline surface, cooling off the jumpers and helping them stay active even when it’s hot. You won’t worry as much about the kids getting overheated when you know that your Fun Spray is on, keeping them cool. It’s a great way to extend the play time for your trampoline into the hotter days of the year. But there’s more - did you know that trampolines aren’t just for kids?

Fantastic Workout

While you may have never thought of using a trampoline for exercise for yourself, it’s an excellent way to burn calories, tone muscles, and have fun doing it. Trampolining is a true family activity that everyone can enjoy, and adults can even get fit while doing it. This low-impact workout can help you burn 160 calories in just 30 minutes. And with Jump Star’s Fun Spray sprinkler for your trampoline, you won’t become overheated while exercising.

The best part of this type of exercise is how much it engages your core – your abdominal muscles get lots of work as you employ them to keep your torso straight as you bounce. Every flex and bounce strengthens your abdominals and legs. You can also vary the intensity of your workout from gentle to high-energy. It’s all up to you! While other types of aerobics can get boring and dull, trampolining is always fun. You’ll find that your mood improves, as well as your strength.

Quality Trampolines Equal More Fun

The most integral parts of your trampoline are the springs. Quality springs make for a better jumping experience. They won’t stretch out as quickly, so you’ll get more bounce over a longer period than with inferior springs. No one has fun with a sad, stretched out trampoline. Jump Star has a full range of superior, long-lasting round and rectangular trampolines of varying sizes. We also stock an array of replacement parts, including springs, mats, pads, and nets for both round and rectangular styles. A Fun Spray trampoline sprinkler is just one of the quality accessories you can find in our online store. If you’re not sure what to order, our helpful staff are available to answer your questions. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and distribute to all areas of Australia.

Jump Star is an Australian family-owned company located in Perth. Our huge range of safe high-quality products has enabled us to grow and grow. We now send items to Brisbane, Sydney, MelbourneAdelaide, and in fact all over Australia.  

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