Galvanised Steel Trampoline Springs that Guarantee Quality

Author: Jump Star Trampolines  

We love the person who invented the trampoline because it's such an undeniably fun activity. Bouncing around seeing how high you can jump and practising your summersaults where you know you won't land face down on the dirt. And that's just us – imagine how much fun it is for the kids!

The trampoline itself may not be a new invention, but it’s a revolution that’s taking the nation by storm. No more tirelessly failing to get the kids to take exercise seriously. Instead, buy them a trampoline they’ll simply love, and don’t even bother telling them it’s great for their health!

Naturally, products that are continuously used by kids and all their friends are going to be susceptible to wear and tear. At Jump Star, we proudly offer the highest quality products on the market, and our trampoline springs are no exception.

We also offer our great products at the best prices, as we endeavour to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. When you need to know a key component such as trampoline springs are made from extra strong and highly durable galvanised steel, we are the company you can trust.

Whether it’s basketball hoops, trampoline springs, other accessories or even a brand new trampoline altogether, we can deliver to any part of Australia within seven days. If you have any questions or queries, we’d love to hear from you.

Jump Star is an Australian family-owned company located in Perth. Our huge range of safe high-quality products has enabled us to grow and grow. We now send items to Brisbane, Sydney, MelbourneAdelaide, and in fact all over Australia.  

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