When Should You Buy Replacement Springs for Your Trampoline?

Author: Jump Star Trampolines  

At Jump Star Trampoline, we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality trampoline equipment. Case-in-point are our trampoline springs, which we provide from only the best galvanised steel. However, even if your trampoline has high quality and extremely durable springs, they will eventually wear out. Trampoline springs are steel wire wound in a tight spiral. When you use your trampoline, they stretch and recoil with each jump and bounce. Over time, enough trampoline use can weaken the springs and cause them to stretch out more permanently


You should expect this wear and tear of course. The very laws of physics tell us that objects degenerate over time. Unsurprisingly, then, it's important to invest in trampoline replacement springs on a semi-regular basis. If left for long enough, springs can wear out completely and snap, creating a safety hazard. Far more frequently, your springs will just lose their ability to recoil back to their original shape after stretching. As a result, your trampoline mat will start to sag slightly, and your trampoline will lose much of its bounce. When the trampoline mat begins to sag, it will also be under more strain, which can lead to quicker wear and tear.

Buying Trampoline Replacement Springs

The good news is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace an old trampoline spring with a new trampoline replacement spring. Replacing the springs on a regular basis, of course, will correct all of the issues cited above—keeping your trampoline safer, bouncier and more secure, and protecting the mat from increased wear and tear.

The obvious question is how often you will need to replace your trampoline springs? There is no easy or standard answer to this issue, as the condition of your springs can depend on everything from the quality of the metal to how often you use the trampoline. If you store your trampoline outdoors, the elements can also play a part. However, while there might not be a standard timeline for trampoline spring replacement, there are a few things you can do to determine whether or not it's time to purchase replacement springs.

First off, pay attention to the feel of your trampoline while you are using it. Does it seem to have less bounce than it once did? Does the mat seem to be sagging unusually low? Take a look at your springs: are they rusty, or do they still look new and sturdy? Usually, you can either feel or spot the signs of worn out trampoline springs without much trouble. If you want a clearer answer, though, you can detach the springs from your trampoline to see what their recoil is like without tension. If the springs seem loose or don't have much recoil even when they aren't supporting the mat, they need to be replaced.

Find the Trampoline Replacement Spring You Need from Jump Star Trampoline

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