Trampoline Care and Maintenance: Prolong the Life of Your Jump Star Trampolines

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:16 January 2024 

Learn essential tips and tricks for proper care and maintenance of your Jump Star Trampolines. Read here to learn more and contact us today!

Investing in a Jump Star Trampolines guarantees endless hours of fun for the entire family. However, to maintain optimum safety and enjoyment, it's essential to give it the proper care and maintenance it deserves. This guide provides invaluable advice on how to prolong the life of your trampoline, ensuring years of safe and delightful backyard bouncing experiences.

From daily tasks to seasonal checks and long-term tips, we'll walk you through the dos and don'ts to keep your Jump Star Trampolines in top form. In addition, you'll discover how Jump Star offers a plethora of replacement parts and accessories, making it easy to maintain and rejuvenate your trampoline whenever needed.

1. Regular Cleaning and Debris Removal

To keep your Jump Star Trampolines in top shape, you should perform regular cleaning and check for any debris on the trampoline mat, frame, and springs. Fallen leaves, twigs, and dirt can invite mould growth and deteriorate the trampoline's fabric and padding.

For the surface, use a soft-bristle brush to gently sweep any dust and leaves. It's important not to use a high-pressure hose or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the mat material. To clean the trampoline mat, mix mild soapy water and gently scrub any dirty areas with a soft sponge. Rinse the mat with water and allow it to dry completely before use.

For the frame and springs, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth can remove accumulated dirt and grime. Make sure to check around the protective padding as well, to ensure the entire trampoline remains clean and safe.

2. Regular Safety Inspections

Perform regular safety inspections to detect any wear and tear or faults in your trampoline components. This proactive approach to maintenance helps keep your trampoline safe for use and extends its service life.

When inspecting the trampoline, pay close attention to the following areas:

- Jumping Mat: Look for fraying, holes or any other damage that can affect the integrity of the mat. If such wear or damage is found, replace the mat before further use to prevent injuries.

- Springs: Examine the springs to ensure they are free from rust and firmly hooked to the trampoline frame. Loose or damaged springs can significantly impact the safety of the trampoline.

- Frame and Legs: Check the trampoline frame and legs for any signs of rust, corrosion or warping. These issues can compromise the stability of the trampoline and must be addressed immediately.

- Safety Net Enclosure: Inspect the safety net for tears, rips or damaged attachments. Compromised safety nets can fail to prevent falls, leading to possible injuries.

- Protective Padding: Ensure the spring padding is intact and securely attached, effectively covering the springs and frame to prevent injuries.

3. Seasonal Trampoline Maintenance

Depending on the climate and weather patterns, some areas require seasonal trampoline maintenance to prepare for harsh weather:

- Spring and Summer: High UV exposure can break down the foam padding and safety net material over time. Using a UV-resistant cover when not jumping can reduce fabric deterioration and prevent mat weakening.

- Autumn: Check your trampoline regularly for leaf build-up, especially over the protective padding, springs, and frame. Excess moisture from wet leaves can foster mould growth and increase the risk of rusting.

- Winter: If you live in an area with heavy snow, it is crucial to remove snow build-up promptly from your trampoline. Weight from accumulated snow can damage the mat, frame, and springs. Moreover, consider disassembling and storing your trampoline during the winter months if it will not be in use.

4. Long-term Trampoline Care

Regular maintenance is essential, but some long-term care tips can further enhance the lifespan of your trampoline:

- Use a Trampoline Cover: Prolonged exposure to the elements can take its toll on your trampoline. A weather-resistant cover protects your trampoline by shielding it from harmful UV rays, rain, and debris.

- Anchor Your Trampoline: Protect your investment from strong gusts and storms by anchoring it securely to the ground. Jump Star offers an anchor kit specifically designed for their trampolines to provide peace of mind.

- Avoid Overloading: Adhere to the weight capacity guidelines specified in your trampoline's manual. Exceeding weight limits can lead to premature wear and tear on the mat, springs, or frame.

- Replacement Parts: Over time, wear and tear on certain components is expected. Jump Star Trampoliness stocks a wide range of spare parts, making it easy to replace and maintain your trampoline without stress.

5. Proper Trampoline Use

Educating your family on the correct use of the trampoline is essential in preserving its longevity. Consider implementing the following safety and usage guidelines:

- Establish rules for safe trampoline use, such as limiting jumpers to one person at a time and prohibiting somersaults or stunts.

- Make sure that children are supervised during trampoline use.

- Encourage jumpers to use the safety net enclosure and spring padding for safer landing zones.

- Discourage hanging or climbing on safety netting or poles, as this can lead to damage or injury.

By adhering to these maintenance and safety guidelines, you can enhance the enjoyment, lifespan, and safety of your Jump Star Trampolines, ensuring lasting memories for your family and friends for years to come.


Proper care and maintenance not only prolong the life of your Jump Star Trampolines but also ensure the safety and enjoyment of your family. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can take pride in knowing that you are providing a secure, clean, and well-kept trampoline for everyone to enjoy.

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