Been Eyeing a New Trampoline Anchor Kit?

Author: Jump Star Trampolines  

They're all the rage. If you're a long time trampoline enthusiast, you're likely to remember a time when the wind (or a mischievous neighbour) could simply move your trampoline with little effort. That's all changed with the advent of trampoline anchor kits. Now, using a simple system of straps and metal stakes, you can secure your trampoline to the ground, leaving the wind (and that meddlesome neighbour kid) powerless against your sturdily anchored trampoline.

No need to fret about having the wrong kind of trampoline, the trampoline anchor kit is a universal device and designed to fit all trampoline sizes. They're a lightweight, efficient way to keep your trampoline in place no matter what. It offers you a measure of comfort as well since you don't have to worry about the trampoline shifting mid-bounce.

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