The Ultimate Trampoline Workout: jump your way to fitness

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:30 May 2023 

Let’s be honest, getting fit is hard – very hard. Whatever the reason for exercise, be it to lose weight, get toned, improve your fitness levels or whatever, finding and sticking to a routine in combination with a busy lifestyle can be challenging.

However… While we’re not going to pretend that there’s any shortcut to your fitness goals, one way to dramatically increase the likelihood of success is to find a workout that you enjoy. Actually, the key here should be workouts – as in plural. Because the very best way to take up and integrate fitness into everyday life is to mix up workouts that you truly love doing.

Enter the trampoline workout. Including this workout into your regime will see you embracing your inner child with every bounce. Plus, training on a tramp works every part of the body.

  • Cardiovascular? You bet…
  • Fat burning? Sure is
  • Builds muscle? Yes, yes, yes
  • Firm those wobbly bits? Certainly will

Plus, the constant gravitational dynamics of bouncing tests and improves your balance and works those vital core muscles. As if all that wasn’t enough, it’s been shown that regular trampoline workouts can also regulate the metabolism, improve your circulation, up the bone density and is hugely beneficial for mental health – plus it’s far, far kinder on the joints than jogging or running.

Oh, and let’s not forget how effective it is at boosting the lymphatic system – a vital element of immune health. Trampolining – or rebound exercise, to give it its correct term – has been shown to be 68% more effective than jogging.

NASA incorporates rebound exercise into its training programs to increase astronauts’ fitness levels and stamina for space flight. Well then - If it’s good enough for NASA…

The advantages of rebound exercise (AKA, trampolining)

The following looks at 10 benefits of adding a regular rebound workout into your exercise plan.

  1. It increases your heart and respiration levels faster than virtually any other cardio activity.
  2. Bouncing improves coordination, balance and increases your agility.
  3. It’s super fun! Far more interesting than running the treadmill road to nowhere or endless miles on a stationary bike.
  4. Trampolining is kind to your joints – it’s the perfect workout for those who suffer from back, hip, knee or ankle issues.
  5. Short, sharp workouts are best. Think 15 or 20 minutes at a time. Easy to fit into the busiest of days.
  6. Rebound training increases lymphatic flow by up to 30 times, thanks to the gravitational force and weightlessness.
  7. It’s easy to find a reasonably priced workout trampoline for home use – no need to spend hundreds of dollars.
  8. Similarly, you can discover some excellent (and free) rebound workouts on YouTube and other channels.
  9. Good rebound workouts work every major muscle group in the body. It also helps improve flexibility.
  10. Even those with health conditions can start with gentle rebound workouts. Thanks to reduced joint stress, trampolines can be useful for those with issues, such as arthritis. You can increase the effectiveness of a variety of static workouts, such as yoga, Pilates and even regular stretches and cooldowns by doing them on a trampoline.

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