The Health Benefits of Trampolining for Kids

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:5 June 2023 

Trampolining offers a multitude of health benefits for kids of all ages. From the obvious to aspects that might not obviously spring to mind, there are many reasons to install a tramp in your back garden.


The great thing about a trampoline is that it’s suitable for everyone. From sitting in Mum’s (or dad’s) arms as a baby while they gently rock up and down to teenagers with Olympic aspirations, a tramp is one of the best investments any family can make.


The following looks at 5 of the top health benefits of trampolining for kids (plus the adults might want to take a leaf out of their book as well…)


  1. It gets your heart racing: AKA, boosting your cardiovascular health. Whatever your age, we all need to get out of breath regularly. Doing so whilst enjoying yourself is the ultimate way to give your heart and lungs the TLC they need. As little as 5 or 10 minutes on the tramp each day provides a great workout.
  2. Boosting mindful health: Our mental health needs are as important as our physical. Exercise plays a huge part in hormone transfer to the brain, with serotonin and dopamine uptake being directly impacted by exercise. Plus most home trampolines are outside, meaning closer to nature—yet another well-proven fact that’s beneficial for our mental health. Being in the great outdoors also provides the regular dose of vitamin D that we get from the sun (just be sure to slop on the sun cream and your kids are good to go…)
  3. Building life skills: Young kids need a variety of activities to build fine motor skills, increase coordination and improve their balance. Trampolining provides exactly the type of stimulation necessary to improve in all these areas. From the early years through to teens and into adulthood, everyone can benefit from the constantly shifting centre of gravity that bouncing brings. As proficiency increases, so does the ability to perform more complex tricks also grows.
  4. Increases confidence: Giving children something that they can discover at their own pace and push their boundaries is the perfect equation to boost confidence. There are no rules on what’s wrong or right on a tramp – you simply do what best suits you.
  5. Boost the immune system: Increasing the heart rate and working up a sweat helps the body to detoxify and stimulate the immune system. Exercise doesn’t only help blood circulation – it also does the same for the lymphatic system. This is responsible for removing toxins from the body, so is hugely beneficial.  


And never forget the health benefits of having fun. Laughing and enjoying yourself is proven to decrease levels of stress hormones and increase infection-fighting antibodies. The expression, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is built on fact – so any exercise that’s combined with having fun gives double the benefits.


The beautiful thing about the health benefits of trampolining is that it’s as good for toddlers as it is for teens (and adults as well). We’re never too young or old to reap the benefits of bouncing for pure joy. The combination of exercise and fun is something to be encouraged, and the easiest way to do so is with a home model in your backyard.


So put one on your wish list. Or, even better, leap into action and order one today. We guarantee you won’t regret it…