Transforming Trampolines: 6 Creative Ways to Give Your Old One New Life!

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:28 April 2024 

Transform your old trampoline into something new! Discover six ingenious ways to repurpose a Jump Star trampoline in your backyard. Read on!

If you've recently upgraded to a newer model or have an old trampoline sitting around gathering dust, don't let it go to waste—there are a multitude of creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose it. Being resourceful and inventive is part of the Australian way of life, which is why we have compiled a list of fantastic ideas to give your old trampoline a new lease on life.

In this post, we'll share six ingenious ways to transform your Jump Star trampoline into something unique and functional, such as a DIY greenhouse, an outdoor lounge area, or even a garden trellis. By repurposing your trampoline, you can contribute to sustainable living while creating a fun and engaging backyard environment. So, let's dive right into these exciting ideas and get those creative juices flowing!

1. DIY Greenhouse

One fantastic idea for repurposing your trampoline frame is to create a sturdy, functional greenhouse. With a little effort, you can convert the frame into a perfect dome-like support structure for a DIY greenhouse. Follow these steps:

- Dismantle the trampoline mat and springs, but keep the frame intact.

- Use PVC pipes or similar materials to create additional supports for the greenhouse's framework.

- Attach a breathable, heat-trapping greenhouse cover (such as greenhouse plastic or UV-resistant polythene) to the frame using clips or ties.

- Consider installing hooks or shelves for plant pots and ventilation aids.

- Make sure to also provide an entrance flap or zipper door for access.

With your DIY trampoline greenhouse in place, you can enjoy growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables all year round.

2. Outdoor Lounge Area

Transform your old trampoline into a comfortable outdoor lounge area for relaxing with family and friends. Follow this process to refresh your trampoline for leisure use:

- Remove any damaged or rusted springs and replace them with new ones to ensure stability and security.

- Place the trampoline frame and mat on flattened ground or a solid surface.

- Add plush, weather-resistant cushions or a tarp-covered beanbag to create a comfortable seating area.

- Throw in some outdoor accent pillows for a touch of style and comfort.

- Surround the trampoline lounge with fairy lights or lanterns for a cosy ambience during those long summer evenings.

3. Garden Trellis

Transform your old trampoline frame into a functional and eye-catching garden trellis to provide support for climbing plants. Here's how:

- Disassemble the trampoline and separate the top from the legs.

- Bury the legs into the ground to secure the frame in place, or fix it onto a wall/frame using brackets.

- Attach a wire mesh to the ribs of the frame for additional support if needed.

- Plant your climbing plants, such as passionfruit, roses, or peas, around the base of the trellis and encourage them to climb.

The result is a stunning feature in your garden that adds a touch of greenery and structure.

4. Garden Swing Bed

Turn your old trampoline into a cosy garden swing bed, perfect for dozing off in the sunshine or reading a good book on a breezy afternoon. Here's how:

- Remove the trampoline mat, leaving the frame and springs intact.

- Purchase or create a sturdy weatherproof base to fit your trampoline's dimensions (consider using wooden pallets or metal sheeting for durability).

- Attach the base to the trampoline frame using strong rope, chain, or carbine hooks.

- Add comfortable cushions and textiles to create a welcoming space for relaxation.

- Suspend the trampoline swing bed from a strong beam or pergola using sturdy ropes, chains, or galvanised steel brackets for safety.

Always check the suspension regularly to ensure its stability and prevent any accidents.

5. Children's Play Fort

Create a fun, imaginative play space for your little ones by transforming your trampoline frame into a children's play fort. Here's what to do:

- Remove the trampoline mat, springs, and poles.

- Turn the frame upside down, using the former legs as support for the roof of the fort.

- Modify the frame as needed for additional structural support, such as adding horizontal bars or a wooden platform for the floor.

- Attach tarpaulins, shade cloth, curtains, or other durable fabric to the sides of the fort to create walls.

- Add entryways with roll-up doors or curtains for easy access.

- Fill the interior with play equipment, seating, and storage solutions.

This inventive repurposing project creates a magical space for imaginative play, promoting physical activity and encouraging creative thinking.

6. Outdoor Movie Screen

Create an unforgettable outdoor movie experience for your family and friends by turning your trampoline into a large outdoor movie screen. Follow these steps:

- Dismantle your trampoline, keeping the frame and curtain-style enclosure (or construct one using a large white sheet).

- Attach the movie screen or sheet to the frame using bungee cords or rope.

- Set up a projector in front of the screen and adjust the image size accordingly.

- Arrange comfortable seating, such as bean bags, cushions, or camping chairs, for your audience.

- Provide blankets, snacks, and drinks for a memorable movie night under the stars.

Gear Up for the Ultimate Trampoline Experience

Enhancing your family's trampoline experience by investing in practical and entertaining accessories is a brilliant way to ensure endless hours of fun and lasting memories. From protective and safety features like covers, shade sails, and anchor kits to unique add-ons such as trampoline basketball hoops, LED lights, and replacement parts, we have you covered.

Are you ready to elevate your backyard bouncing adventures? Browse our extensive range of top-quality trampoline accessories at Jump Star Trampolines and find the perfect add-ons to customise your trampoline setup. Don't forget, our friendly team is always here to help you make the most of your trampoline investment. Let's jump into an exciting, safe, and unforgettable trampoline experience together!

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