Not Just for Kids: Trampolines are for Whole Family Fitness

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:2 August 2023 

Has your family embraced the trampolining revolution yet? Across the country (and, indeed, the world) households are bouncing and laughing their way to fitter, healthier bodies. No matter how young or old you might be, installing a trampoline in your garden is one of the best things you can do to bond as a family, increase fitness, ward off ill health and have a fantastic time as you do…


Exercise in disguise

If there was ever an exercise that’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, it has to be trampolining. From the gentle bobbing of a nursing mum to teenagers learning flips and tricks, right through to grampy and granny giving it a try, trampolining is accessible to everyone.

With a 10-minute session providing the same fitness benefits as a 30-minute run (and it’s so much more fun), it’s easy to understand why so many families are investing in a home trampoline.


There are multiple ways you can incorporate bouncing into your family lifestyle, including:

Pump up the volume

Bouncing releases endorphins and the so-called feel-good hormones – that’s why you always feel better after a tramp session. But if you combine this with some awesome sounds (everyone in the family can pick their fav tunes) the fun-factor goes through the roof!

Learn a trick

Families can pick a trick – such as learning a tuck jump – and then select a timescale to perfect it before you all have to show off your skills to the others. You can always adapt the more difficult ones to suit those who are older or less athletic. Trust us – the kids will rock at this!!

Cool off

When the sun is shining, adding water to the bouncing mix is a great way to stay cool. Aim a sprinkler at the tramp and get set for games, such as slithering snake – put a rope on the trampoline and have one person wiggle it so it moves across the jumping mat. Everyone needs to jump out of the way as it moves across the tramp. Whoever gets ‘bitten’ – AKA, touched, has to swap with the snake handler…

Have a trampoline Olympics party

The whole family can use their imagination to make up games. Survivor is a great option, where you do as many of a certain pattern of moves in a row as they can (for example, seat drop – bounce – seat drop) while everyone else counts out loud.


The benefits of bouncing are many and the activity has no age restrictions:

  • Trampolining is non-weight bearing, meaning it doesn’t overstress the joints. This makes it suitable for virtually everyone.
  • No previous abilities are needed – you simply learn as you go.
  • Increases bone density, meaning that you’ll be less likely to suffer fractures as you age.
  • Provides an incredible core workout. Forget those boring sit-ups or endless gym sessions. Trampolines make you work every muscle in the body – you might even find you ditch that expensive gym membership as a result…
  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness. But as it’s so much fun, you won’t even realise you’re getting out of breath.
  • Helps the body cleanse and detoxify, thanks to helping the lymphatic system drain efficiently.


Buying a trampoline is one of the best decisions when it comes to all-round family fun and advantages. And there’s no better Australian provider than JumpStar Trampolines. We serve Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and every other town and city across the country. Ordering is easy and your new tramp will be dispatched within two business days. Order today and the whole family will be ramping up their fitness efforts before you know it…