Choosing the Perfect Trampoline: Key Factors to Consider Before Making Your Purchase

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:16 January 2024 

Discover the essential factors to consider before investing in a trampoline for your family. Read here to learn more and get in touch with us!

The decision to invest in a trampoline for your family's backyard marks an exciting milestone, evoking memories of carefree childhood days and inspiring visions of endless laughter, bonding, and exhilarating airborne adventures. However, the sheer volume of trampoline options available on the market today can prove overwhelming and daunting for even the most eager of shoppers. From dimensions and designs to materials and safety features, there are numerous factors to evaluate en route to selecting the ideal trampoline that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Jump Star Trampolines, Australia's leading supplier of top-quality trampolines and accessories, is here to support and guide you through every step of this momentous journey. Our expert advice, combined with our commitment to providing outstanding products, ensures that your family's dreams of backyard fun are brought to life with the perfect trampoline.

1. Size Matters: Selecting the Appropriate Trampoline Dimensions

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing a trampoline is its size. The available space in your backyard, combined with the number of intended users, will heavily influence the ideal trampoline dimensions for your family. Take the time to carefully measure your outdoor area, ensuring that there is ample clearance from potential hazards such as trees, fences, or structures.

Trampolines are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from compact models with diameters as small as 8 feet to expansive options stretching up to 16 feet or more. Smaller trampolines are well-suited to younger children or limited backyard spaces, while larger options can comfortably accommodate multiple jumpers and provide a wider range of recreational possibilities. Be sure to account for the ages and sizes of your intended users, as well as any future growth or evolving interests, when selecting the optimal trampoline dimensions.

2. Shaping Your Experience: Round, Oval, or Rectangle?

Another critical variable to consider is the shape of your trampoline. The three most common trampoline shapes – round, oval, and rectangle – each offer their unique advantages, and your selection should be tailored to your family's preferences and needs.

Round: Round trampolines represent the most popular option on the market and are recognised for their natural tendency to guide jumpers towards the central bounce area, reducing the risk of falls or collisions. This shape is particularly well-suited to younger children and novice jumpers, providing a gentle, controlled bounce to enhance safety and minimise injuries.

Oval: Oval trampolines combine the stability of round models with the increased jumping surface offered by rectangular designs. This versatile option allows for separate bouncing zones, enabling multiple users to jump simultaneously while minimising the likelihood of accidental contact.

Rectangle: Commonly utilised in professional gymnastics and athletic training, rectangular trampolines deliver the highest bounce and a larger usable jumping surface. This design is ideal for families with older children or experienced jumpers who desire a more powerful and advanced trampoline experience.

3. Safety First: Choosing the Right Safety Features

The safety of your family is of paramount importance when purchasing a trampoline. Modern designs incorporate various safety features to minimise risks, including enclosure nets, padded springs, and safety padding beneath the jumping mat.

Enclosure Nets: A safety net surrounding the trampoline's perimeter effectively prevents jumpers from accidentally falling or bouncing off the mat. When selecting your trampoline, consider models with sturdy, weather-resistant enclosure nets and secure fastening systems.

Padded Springs: Springs are an essential working component of a trampoline, but they can present a hazard if not properly covered. Opt for a trampoline with thick, high-quality spring padding to minimise the risk of injury from limbs landing on the springs.

Safety Padding Beneath the Jumping Mat: Some trampoline models also boast safety padding beneath the jumping surface, providing an additional layer of protection to minimise injuries resulting from contact with the trampoline frame or ground below. Investigate the availability of this feature in your preferred model to maximise safety for your family.

4. Built to Last: Assessing Materials and Construction Quality

The quality of a trampoline's materials and construction directly impacts its lifespan, durability, and your family's overall enjoyment. Ensure that your investment stands the test of time by prioritising trampolines constructed with premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

Consider elements such as a robust frame, sturdy springs, and a UV-resistant jumping mat, all of which contribute to a long-lasting trampoline that can withstand the rigours of outdoor use and weather conditions. Reputable manufacturers and suppliers, such as Jump Star Trampolines, pride themselves on the use of high-quality materials and a commitment to exceptional construction, ensuring that your trampoline remains a beloved family fixture for years to come.


Selecting the ideal trampoline for your family need not be an overwhelming or arduous task. With careful consideration of size, shape, safety features, and construction quality, you can confidently embark on your trampoline purchasing journey with clarity and enthusiasm.

Jump Star Trampolines is honoured to be your guide in this momentous decision-making process, dedicated to providing an unmatched range of premium trampolines and trampoline accessories to suit every backyard and family dynamic. By investing in the perfect trampoline, you are not only acquiring a piece of recreational equipment; you are unlocking the door to a world of enchanting family memories, boundless laughter, and airborne escapades. The sky is the limit and your backyard paradise awaits – discover the joy of trampoline ownership with Jump Star Trampolines today.

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