Buy Trampoline Online-Fun That Won’t Break The Budget

Author: Jump Star Trampolines  

You are a master of finance. Every day becomes a tribute to precise calculations and perfect budgeting. You manipulate every dollar, ensuring maximum value and minimum distress - but, when considering trampolines online, your skills seem to fail you. Their costs are too high, with an excess of postage fees, delivery charges, and lay-by payments threatening to leave your wallet empty. There’s no way, you think, to offer your family a fun back-garden experience.

Jump Star seeks to provide that way. We offer families a series of rectangular and round options, emphasising long-lasting materials, secure enclosures, and flexible payment schedules. Buying a trampoline online is no longer a challenge. It’s instead a convenience, with our team tailoring the shopping experience to your specific needs. Family-friendly and budget-friendly finally combine.

Ease doesn’t demand a sacrifice of quality. Buying trampolines online allows our clients to enjoy every bounce - with UV-resistant fabrics and galvanised steel frames promoting durable fun. To learn more contact the Jump Star team today.

A Dedication to Savings: Choosing Trampolines Online

Too often does a search for fun prove overwhelming - with surcharges and retailer prices undermining every attempt to budget. Buying a trampoline seems impossible.

We’ll turn it into a reality, offering you a series of savings opportunities:

  • Warehouse Prices - unlike our big-box brothers, we serve a direct warehouser. This allows us to eliminate traditional (costly) overheads and provide our customers with lower prices.
  • Lay-By Options - when buying trampolines, our customers can now take advantage of our flexible lay-by plan. Throughout a 12 month period, choose deposits that reflect your finances and your schedule - with no minimum payments required. This accommodates all budgets and counters any unexpected financial difficulties.
  • Deliveries - when choosing trampolines online, many consumers dread high transportation costs. We strive to reduce these costs whenever possible, providing a shipping calculator with every purchase (to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises) and utilising Star Track Express, Fastway, Direct Freight Express, and Border Express to expedite the process.

Through these elements, we offer our clients a cost-effective experience.

Buying a Trampoline Online: Our Products

Stellar savings aren’t the only values we provide. We also connect families to a wide selection of quality products, including:

  • Round Trampolines (4.5ft., 6ft., 8ft., 10ft., 12ft., 14ft., and 16ft.).
  • Rectangular Trampolines (7ft. x 10ft., 8ft. x 12ft., 9ft. x 14ft., 10ft. x 15ft., and 10ft. x 17ft.).
  • Accessories (anchor kits, basketball hoops, enclosure pole caps, and adjustable ladders).
  • Parts (enclosure foam and padding, springs, pole clamps, replacement nets, and replacement pads).

Jump Star is an Australian family-owned company located in Perth. Our huge range of safe high-quality products has enabled us to grow and grow. We now send items to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and in fact all over Australia.

Buying trampolines no longer wreaks havoc on your budget. Jump Star rather offers a variety of round and rectangular products, catering to family fun and financial planning. To learn more about our services (including our flexible lay-by options) contact us today:

Ready? Our team is ready to assist. Call us on (08) 9358 5660 or email us at to find out more about our excellent range of high-quality Australian trampolines.