Ultimate Trampoline Games: Fun for the Whole Family with Jump Star Trampolines

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:16 June 2024 

A trampoline can provide limitless entertainment for families, fostering play, friendly competition and encouraging physical activity. Whether you are hosting a trampoline-themed party or spending quality time with your loved ones, our collection of thrilling trampoline games guarantees hours of laughter, fun, and adventure for all ages.

Incorporating your trampoline into exhilarating gameplay can boost the enjoyment factor, encourage exercise, and strengthen familial bonds. Our listicle shares engaging trampoline games designed to suit kids and adults alike, catering to various skill levels and preferences.

Let's dive into some of the finest trampoline games that you can play on your trampoline, crafting joyful and memorable experiences for you and your family.

1. Pop the Balloons

This entertaining game is perfect for younger children, but it can also amuse adults. Begin by inflating a bunch of balloons in various sizes and colours. You can use a mix of standard balloons and water balloons for extra excitement. Ensure that the balloons are not overinflated, as this will make them easier to pop while bouncing.

Scatter the inflated balloons across the surface of your trampoline. Players then enter the trampoline and attempt to pop the balloons by bouncing on them or using their hands and feet. The person who pops the most balloons within a designated time frame wins the game.

2. Dodgeball

Playing trampoline dodgeball can make a classic game even more exhilarating. Divide participants into two equal teams, staying within the trampoline's weight limit. Provide each team with a soft foam ball or a small beach ball.

The goal is for players to throw the ball at the opposing team without getting hit themselves. A player is out if hit by the ball or if an opposing teammate catches a thrown ball. Play continues until one team has eliminated all players from the other team. Remember to use soft balls to prevent injury and always consider the safety of all participants during the game.

3. Trampoline Basketball

Playing basketball on a trampoline adds a thrilling twist to a beloved sport, and it's suitable for kids and adults alike. You will need a portable or trampoline-specific basketball hoop and a suitable ball for this activity.

Place the basketball hoop near the trampoline edge for scoring opportunities. Participants take turns trying to score, and performing jumps and tricks while attempting to shoot the ball into the hoop. Adjust the height of the basketball hoop to cater to different skill levels and ages.

4. Simon Says

Transform the traditional game of Simon Says into an energetic trampoline activity by incorporating bouncing elements. One player takes on the role of "Simon," calling out actions that the other participants must perform. For example, "Simon says, jump on one foot" or "Simon says, do a seat bounce."

Players must only perform an action if it is preceded by the phrase "Simon says." If they perform an action without this phrase, they are out. The last player standing is declared the winner and becomes the new Simon for the next round.

5. Crack the Egg

This fun game is perfect for younger children and allows participants to develop their balance and control. One player sits in the centre of the trampoline, holding their knees to their chest and forming an "egg". The remaining players bounce around the "egg," trying to "crack" it by causing the person to let go of their knees.

Once the "egg" is cracked, the player swaps roles with the individual who initiated the cracking. Always ensure that the "egg" is well-positioned away from the trampoline's edges, and supervise younger players to ensure their safety throughout the game.

6. Musical Bounce

Just like musical chairs, this game is a great addition to any trampoline gathering. Have participants bounce in a circle on the trampoline while playing music. When the music stops, players must freeze in their current position, not moving until the music resumes.

Players who continue to bounce or move while the music is stopped are out. Continue playing until one player remains, and they are crowned the winner.

7. Horse

Adapt the popular basketball game of HORSE for trampoline play by challenging participants to perform specific jumps and tricks. One player starts by demonstrating a skill, such as a high jump or a seat bounce. The remaining players must replicate the skill in turn.

If a player fails to successfully imitate the demonstrated action, they collect a letter from the word "HORSE." Once a player accumulates all five letters, they are out of the game. The game continues until one player remains, emerging victorious.

8. Trampoline Treasure Hunt

Create an exciting treasure hunt on your trampoline by hiding various small, lightweight objects around the trampoline. These items might include soft foam balls, bean bags, or plastic toys. Participants enter the trampoline and compete to find and collect as many objects as possible within a designated time frame.

To add an extra challenge, players must jump continuously while searching for the hidden treasures. This game can be tailored for younger or older participants by adjusting the difficulty and type of objects hidden.

Jump Into Lasting Family Memories with Jump Star Trampolines

Our list of trampoline games offers many opportunities to bond with loved ones and create lasting memories on your trampoline. Mixing traditional games with the exhilaration of bouncing provides endless entertainment and promotes an active lifestyle for you and your family.

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