Trampoline Safety

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Use a safe trampoline in a safe environment

  • Make sure the trampoline has safety padding on the frame to avoid injuries if a child accidentally hits the frame. Ensure the safety pads are a contrasting colour to the mat.
  • Buy safety pads to completely cover the steel frame and springs if your trampoline does not have them.
  • Ensure that the area around the trampoline—ideally 2 m wide on all sides—is free from hazards like walls, play equipment or garden furniture. A minimum overhead clearance of 8 m from ground level is recommended to avoid objects like clothes lines, trees and wires.
  • Ideally, you should cover a 2 m area of ground all around the trampoline with a thick layer of soft, impact-absorbing material—for example pine bark, woodchips or sand. Rake this regularly to reduce compacting.


Take care when using the trampoline

  • Keep away from the trampoline when someone else is using it.  
  • Never sit on the padding or go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping.
  • Keep toddlers away from the trampoline when it is in use and especially ensure they do not go underneath it. Infants can suffer serious injuries from falls, pinching and crushing if they use trampolines or are near a trampoline others are using.
  • Ensure only one child at a time uses the trampoline.
  • Only allow your child to learn high-risk actions like somersaults from trained professionals. To avoid serious injury, children should only perform these under supervision.
  • Teach your child to jump in the centre of the mat and to climb, not jump, off the trampoline. Jumping off can be dangerous and cause injury.


Regularly check the trampoline's condition

  • Regularly check that the trampoline is in good condition, making sure that the:
    • Mat does not have holes
    • Springs are intact and securely attached at both ends
    • Frame is not bent
    • Leg braces are securely locked.  
  • Don’t use the trampoline if you see a rip or split in the mat, or if the padding has come off the metal springs.
  • Supervise children at all times and take particular care with children under six years old.

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