Trampoline Care: Expert Tips for Cleaning, Maintenance, and Enhancing Your Trampoline's Lifespan

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:26 February 2024 

Purchasing a trampoline for your family is an investment in fun, fitness, and lasting memories. To maximise the enjoyment and longevity of your trampoline, it's crucial to regularly clean and maintain its various components. Proper care will not only keep your trampoline safe, but also extend its lifespan, ensuring long-lasting high performance for your bouncing needs.

In this article, we will provide you with expert advice on how to properly clean, maintain, and care for your trampoline, protecting your investment and ensuring a safe and enjoyable play environment for the entire family. We will discuss the benefits of a well-maintained trampoline, important aspects to consider during maintenance, and how to tackle common issues that may arise due to everyday wear and tear.

Knowledge is power, and understanding the necessary steps for trampoline care and upkeep will reward you with years of joy, exhilaration, and countless family moments, as you soar to new heights on your backyard trampoline. So, grab a cuppa and join us as we journey through the fascinating world of trampoline care – ensuring the longevity, safety, and thrilling bouncing experiences your family deserves.

1. The Importance of Regular Trampoline Maintenance

  • Safety First: Proper trampoline maintenance is essential to ensure the safety of your family. Consistently inspecting and addressing any wear and tear will minimise the risk of accidents and keep everyone jumping with confidence.

  • Longevity and Performance: By investing time and effort in maintaining your trampoline, you can significantly extend its lifespan and maintain optimal bounce performance, providing countless hours of entertainment for your family.
  • Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal: A clean and well-looked-after trampoline enhances the appearance of your outdoor space, making it an inviting and enjoyable area for family and friends.

2. Top Tips for Cleaning Your Trampoline

  • Clearing Debris and Surface Dirt: Use a soft brush or broom to remove any leaves and debris from the mat, spring pads, and safety net. Hose down the entire trampoline with water, avoiding direct jet sprays on spring components to prevent rust and protect their integrity.

  • Cleaning the Mat and Spring Pad: Mix warm water and mild dish soap in a bucket and use a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub the trampoline mat and spring pads. Rinse the soapy water off the mat thoroughly and allow the trampoline to air dry completely before use.
  • Cleaning the Safety Net and Frame: Use the same soapy water mixture and a soft cloth to wipe down the safety net and frame, making sure to remove any dirt build-up in hard-to-reach areas. Rinse the net and frame with clean water and leave them to air dry.

3. Trampoline Maintenance: Critical Components and Common Issues

  • Inspecting and Caring for Springs: Regularly check springs for signs of rust, damage, and stretching. Apply a rust-proof spray and lubricate the springs as required to keep them functioning smoothly. Replace any damaged or stretched springs promptly.

  • Assessing and Protecting the Trampoline Mat and Padding: Examine the mat and padding for rips, tears, and excessive wearing. Covering your trampoline when not in use and using a UV-protective spray can help prolong the life of the mat and padding, minimising the need for frequent replacements.
  • Evaluating the Safety Net and Frame: Inspect the safety net for any holes or tears and ensure that the frame and enclosure poles are free of rust, damage, and corrosion. Keep an eye out for any loose connections and tighten them as needed.
  • Trampoline Anchoring and Stability: Stormy weather or strong winds can cause trampoline damage or displacement. Secure your trampoline to the ground using a suitable anchoring system, following the manufacturer's instructions. Check the stability of the legs and ensure they are placed on a level surface.

4. Trampoline Storage and Off-Season Care

  • Storing Your Trampoline During Winter: If you live in an area prone to snowfall or freezing temperatures, disassemble your trampoline and store it indoors during the winter months to avoid damage and prolong its life. Store the trampoline components in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture-related damage.

  • Off-Season Maintenance: Even when not in use, it's essential to regularly inspect your trampoline for damage or deterioration. Keep the components clean and dry during storage and perform a thorough safety inspection before reassembling the trampoline for use in the warmer seasons.


Your trampoline is an investment in family fun, fitness, and countless memories. By following our expert tips and recommendations on trampoline care, cleaning, and maintenance, you can ensure the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of your trampoline, providing many years of exciting bouncing experiences.

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