The Surprising Link Between Trampolining and Child Development

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:2 August 2023 

Kids and trampolines… It’s a match made in heaven, right? But while there’s probably not a child on the planet who can’t resist the lure of bouncing, did you know that this joy also comes with a whole host of developmental benefits?


From motor skills to posture, kids of all ages benefit from the simple action of rebounding on a trampoline.

Improves muscle tone, strength and posture

The act of jumping, hitting the mat and being rebounded into the air works virtually every muscle of the body. This creates a chain reaction that enhances muscle growth, connective tissue quality and overall strength. Vitally, it improves core strength – a key element of good posture and movement skills.

Teaches balance

Human balance occurs via a connection between the inner ear and the brain – known as the vestibular system. We’re not born with the ability to balance. Instead, babies and young children develop this over time.

Balance is achieved by multiple sensory information. The vestibular system decodes this and instructs the body to perform the necessary movements to remain upright. Pretty much every element of how we move depends on how our ability to do this.

Bouncing stimulates these messages, hastening the neural links of the vestibular system – and it’s never too early to start. Sitting on a tramp with your baby in your arms and gently bobbing up and down is a great way of providing vital stimulation for learning to progress. As children grow, they can learn to bounce, fall and right themselves as they play – improving their balancing skills and having awesome fun along the way.

Sensory Integration

Bouncing fires multiple senses. From touch to sight and hearing, rebounding provides a huge amount of information to the brain and body. This teaches the brain to strengthen the connections between incoming data and outgoing body responses. Children develop and improve how they move, their spatial awareness and vital visual and auditory motor skills without even realising how much they’re learning.

Develops motor skills

When bouncing, the centre of gravity is constantly shifting. This provides ongoing stimuli for a child to feel the changes and make the necessary positional shift to adapt. This brain-body connection is an incredible way to improve coordination and balance, as well as help develop rhythm, timing and agility.

Cardiovascular benefits

From brain oxygenation to lymphatic circulation, raising the heart rate is essential for healthy growth. Regular exercise also aids the immune system and increases the production of feel-good hormones, reducing stress and promoting positive mental health.


From Adelaide to Perth, the combination of all of these benefits also has another surprising side effect – it provides an incredibly healthy basis from which children learn. Development during the early years directly impacts academic achievement, behaviour and success in later life.


Perhaps your child enjoys bouncing in your Sydney backyard. Maybe you’re nursing your new-born sat on your tramp in Brisbane or you might be welcoming your child’s preschool friends to a party in Melbourne. Wherever you are adding a trampoline to your garden is one of the easiest ways to positively benefit your child’s development and help set them up for future success.