Protect Your Trampoline Investment with Our Seasonal Maintenance Guide

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:23 January 2024 

Investing in a trampoline not only brings boundless fun, excitement, and memorable experiences to your family's backyard but also signifies a commitment to maintaining the vibrant centrepiece of your outdoor space. To ensure that your beloved trampoline remains in optimal working order, it is essential to dedicate time and effort to seasonal maintenance and care, safeguarding the enduring safety, performance, and appeal of your treasured family asset.

Jump Star Trampolines, Australia's premier supplier of exceptional trampolines and accessories, is devoted to helping you protect your investment and maximise the longevity and joy of your trampoline ownership. Our expertise, paired with our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us the ideal partner to guide you through the essential steps and considerations for year-round trampoline maintenance.

Join us as we explore practical yet effective tips and tricks to care for your trampoline throughout the changing seasons, from spring cleaning and summer checks to autumn preparations and cold weather storage. Armed with our comprehensive guidance, you can confidently approach the task of trampoline maintenance with newfound knowledge, enthusiasm, and assurance, ensuring the continued safety and enjoyment of your family's backyard playground.

With the right care and attention, your trampoline can remain a cherished family fixture for years to come, providing endless opportunities for laughter, bonding, and aerial adventures where the sky's the limit. Embrace the responsibility of trampoline ownership with Jump Star Trampolines, as we support you every step of the way on your remarkable journey through seasonal maintenance and care.

1. Spring Cleaning: Refresh and Revitalise Your Trampoline

As winter gives way to the beauty and warmth of spring, it's time to give your trampoline a thorough cleaning and inspection, ensuring its readiness for the upcoming months of sun-soaked fun. Begin by removing any debris or leaves that may have accumulated on the trampoline mat, followed by the introduction of a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solution to remove any dirt or grime from its surface. Utilise a soft brush or cloth to clean the mat, frame, and springs carefully, taking care not to damage the material or components.

Next, inspect the trampoline closely for any signs of wear, damage, or rust, particularly on the frame and springs. Address any concerns that may arise during your inspection, swiftly repairing or replacing parts as needed. Remember also to assess the condition of your trampoline's safety net, ensuring that it remains in prime condition to protect your family throughout the season.

2. Summer Checks: Monitor and Protect During Peak Usage

During the hot Australian summer, your family's trampoline will likely see an increase in activity and usage, making it essential to monitor and maintain its condition routinely. Develop a habit of conducting weekly visual inspections of the trampoline, checking for any signs of wear, damage, or excessive stretching on the mat, springs, and frame.

Consider the impact of the blazing sun on your trampoline's material, and take steps to protect and preserve its longevity. One solution is to invest in a UV-resistant cover, which can shield the mat and net from prolonged sun exposure, ultimately extending their lifespan.

Additionally, be mindful of water or rain, as this can potentially result in rust forming on the frame or springs. Regularly dry your trampoline after rainfall or heavy use to mitigate the risk of rust or corrosion, ensuring that the trampoline remains in optimal working order throughout the summer months.

3. Autumn Preparations: Get Ready for Cooler Weather

As the warm embrace of summer fades and the crisp, cool days of autumn begin to sweep in, it's vital to start preparing your trampoline for the changing weather conditions. Begin by checking all the parts and components once more, being especially mindful of potential damage or rust caused by regular summer use.

Rain and wind can intensify during the autumn months, necessitating extra care and attention regarding your trampoline's placement and security. Anchor your trampoline firmly to the ground using purpose-built anchoring kits, providing a measure of stability and protection against unpredictable autumn weather.

Consider investing in a weather-resistant trampoline cover if you haven't already, as this will assist in safeguarding your trampoline from the elements, particularly from falling leaves or dirt that can accumulate on the mat and create an opportunity for mould growth or mildew.

4. Winter Storage: Ensure Proper Care During the Cold Months

In regions where winter brings harsh weather conditions, it may be in your trampoline's best interest to disassemble and store it during the colder months. This can protect your investment from the damaging effects of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, ensuring that your trampoline remains in prime condition for the arrival of spring.

Begin the disassembly process by carefully detaching the safety net, followed by the springs, mat, and frame. Be sure to store all components in a dry, climate-controlled environment where they will be protected from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

If your winter climate is relatively mild, you may choose to keep your trampoline assembled outdoors. In this case, continue performing regular inspections and maintenance throughout the season, ensuring the trampoline remains in optimal condition and ready for use when warmer weather prevails.


Seasonal maintenance is the unsung hero of safe, enjoyable, and long-lasting trampoline ownership. By diligently caring for and preserving your family's beloved backyard centrepiece, you can guarantee years of laughter, adventure, and bonding experiences for everyone involved.

Keep your family's outdoor sanctuary cherished and enchanting with Jump Star Trampolines. Buy a trampoline online in Australia and receive the expertise, advice, and quality products necessary to guide you on your journey of seasonal trampoline care. Our extensive range of exceptional trampolines and accessories offers the perfect solution for every care and maintenance need.

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