Master the Art of Trampoline Tricks: Your Ultimate Guide from Beginner to Advanced

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:19 September 2023 

Discover the exhilarating world of trampoline tricks with our comprehensive list tailored for Jump Star Trampoline users, ranging from beginner to advanced levels and designed to enhance progression and skill development.

G'day, trampoline enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your Jump Star Trampoline experience to new heights? Whether you're a seasoned bouncer or a budding aerial artist, mastering trampoline tricks offers an exciting avenue to unlock your true bouncing potential. Not only do these stunts provide a fun challenge, but they also help enhance your agility, coordination, and overall fitness.

Dive into our ultimate trampoline tricks list, curated specially for Jump Star users, covering various skill levels from beginner to advanced. This comprehensive guide serves to inspire your trampolining journey, as you gradually progress through each level and develop impressive feats of acrobatics in the air. So, lace up your jumping shoes and prepare for a thrilling, gravity-defying adventure as you transform your bouncing fun into a showcase of breathtaking trampoline artistry!

1. Beginner Trampoline Tricks

Before attempting ambitious stunts, it's essential to develop a solid foundation. Here are some beginner-friendly tricks for your Jump Star Trampoline:

Straight Jump (Tuck)

The straight jump is the simplest trick in the book, and mastering it is fundamental for other aerial stunts. With a slight bend at the knees and toes pointed, propel yourself upwards while keeping your body straight in the air. Upon landing, maintain a soft bend in your knees to absorb impact safely.

Seat Drop

A popular trick for beginners, the seat drop involves bouncing into a seated position. As you jump, lift your legs into a 90-degree angle with your feet extended. Land on the trampoline with your legs fully extended and your bottom making contact with the jumping mat. As you bounce back up, bring your legs down, and return to a standing position.

Swivel Hips

Once you've mastered the seat drop, the swivel hips manoeuvre is a great next step. After performing a seat drop, twist your hips 180 degrees while lifting your legs, so you face the opposite direction. Complete another seat drop, and then swing your legs to face the original direction once more.

2. Intermediate Trampoline Tricks

For those who've built a strong foundation, it's time to challenge yourself with intermediate trampoline tricks. These stunts require more skill and confidence on your Jump Star Trampoline.

Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is an upgrade from the standard straight jump. As you bounce upwards, pull your knees towards your chest and hug them for a brief moment before extending your legs again for landing. Ensure to keep your gaze forward and spot your landing area for a safe return to the mat.

Pike Jump

Similar to the tuck jump, the pike jump requires you to bring your legs upwards. However, instead of bending your knees, keep your legs straight and touch your toes in mid-air. Ensure to keep your head up and maintain eye contact with the trampoline to avoid disorientation.

Front Drop

Take your seat drop to the next level by turning it into a front drop. When executing this move, jump slightly higher than usual and rotate your body forward, extending your arms and legs outwards. Land on your belly and use your arms to cushion the impact. Push yourself back up into a standing position to continue bouncing.

3. Advanced Trampoline Tricks

Experienced trampolinists looking to push their limits can explore advanced trampoline tricks. Remember, always ensure your safety when attempting these manoeuvres on your Jump Star Trampoline.

Front Flip

Front flips are among the most popular advanced trampoline tricks. To perform a front flip, initiate a high jump while subtly rotating your body forward. As you begin to tuck into a flip, use your arms to generate additional momentum. While upside-down, keep your eyes on the trampoline and prepare to land on the jumping surface with knees slightly bent.


The backflip requires confidence as well as precise execution. To start, jump high with your arms creating an upward swinging motion while leaning backward slightly. Tuck your knees in as you flip and keep your eyes focused on the trampoline throughout the motion. As you complete the flip, again land with slightly bent knees for safety.

Back Drop

The back drop is another fun and challenging advanced trick. Elevate yourself with a powerful jump, then lean backwards while extending your legs and arms. Land on your upper back, with your arms by your sides to help cushion the impact. As you bounce back up, use your arms and core to return to a standing position.

Note: It is essential to practice advanced trampoline tricks in a controlled and well-supervised environment, taking proper safety precautions such as using a safety enclosure net and pads.

4. Safety Tips and Precautions

Safety is crucial when performing trampoline tricks. Keep these guidelines in mind during practice sessions:

Warm-up: Always engage in stretching and warm-up exercises before attempting trampoline tricks.
Trampoline inspection: Regularly check your Jump Star Trampoline's condition, ensuring springs, mat, frame, and safety features are in optimal working order.
Avoid overconfidence: Even for experienced jumpers, attempting difficult tricks without proper preparation increases the risk of injury.
Use spotters: For complex or high-risk stunts, having a spotter nearby can help prevent accidents.
Know your limits: Users should only attempt tricks within their skill level, gradually advancing as they become more proficient.
Learn from experts: Enrolling in a trampoline class or viewing reputable instructional videos can help you perfect your techniques safely and efficiently.

By incorporating these safety precautions and guidelines, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury while enjoying the thrill of mastering trampoline tricks on your Jump Star Trampoline. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep pushing your limits while maintaining your focus on a safe and fun trampolining experience.

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