Family Fun Time: Creative Trampoline Games to Boost Fitness & Bonding

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We will be unveiling an exciting collection of trampoline-based games and exercises guaranteed to entertain and challenge your family members. Read on!

Hey there, Aussie trampoline fans! Trampolining is not only a fantastic source of exercise, but it's also an amazing way to bring family members together, boost overall fitness, and create lasting memories. There's no better way to make the most out of your Jump Star trampoline than by introducing some creative, fun-filled activities that cater to all ages while fostering a sense of togetherness and accomplishment.

In this engaging article, we will be unveiling an exciting collection of trampoline-based games and exercises guaranteed to entertain and challenge your family members. Encourage outdoor playtime, strengthen familial bonds, and enjoy incredible health benefits, all while taking full advantage of the high-quality, Aussie-made Jump Star trampoline experience. Now's the time to elevate your family's trampolining adventures to new heights— let's bounce into action!

1. Crack the Egg

Crack the Egg is a simple yet enjoyable game for the whole family to participate in. One person assumes the role of the "egg" and sits in the trampoline's centre with their knees hugged to their chest. The rest of the players have to bounce around the egg, attempting to make them "crack" by releasing their hold on their legs. The game continues until the egg cracks, after which the next person becomes the egg. This game helps improve balance, coordination, and muscle endurance, especially in the core and leg muscles.

2. "Popcorn" Bouncing Fun

Popcorn is another crowd-pleasing trampoline activity that promotes laughter and bonding. Participants sit in a circle, holding their feet and drawing their legs close to their chest. One designated player then bounces around the trampoline, attempting to "pop" the popcorns by jumping near them. The goal is for the popcorns to maintain their body position, despite the bouncing. This game strengthens core muscles while enhancing concentration and stability.

3. Trampoline Ball Games


Playing dodgeball on the trampoline is a fun twist on the classic game, improving reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and agility. Divide the family into two teams and equip each player with a soft foam ball. The objective is to hit opponents with the balls without being hit yourself. When a player is hit, they must exit the trampoline. The last person standing wins the game for their team.

Piggy in the Middle

For a game of Piggy in the Middle on a trampoline, one person ("the piggy") stands in the centre, while the rest of the group forms a circle around them. The objective is for the circle to pass a ball to one another without letting the "piggy" intercept it. If the "piggy" manages to catch the ball, the person who threw it becomes the new "piggy." This game is an excellent exercise in spatial awareness, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.

4. Trampoline-Based Fitness Exercises

Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are a great full-body exercise that engages the core, legs, and glutes while improving cardiovascular stamina. Bounce on the trampoline and bring your knees up to your chest while in mid-air, then straighten them again as you descend. Aim for 10-15 tuck jumps per set and work towards increasing repetition and height over time.

Jumping Jacks

Performing jumping jacks on a trampoline adds extra resistance and challenges leg and core muscles. Begin with your feet together, arms at your sides; then, jump and separate your feet out to the sides while raising your arms above your head. Return to the starting position and repeat. Aim for 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Seat Drops

Seat drops are a fun way to train core muscles and develop balance. Bounce into the air and land on your bottom, legs stretched out in front of you, then use your core strength and momentum to bounce back onto your feet. Aim for 10-15 repetitions per set, gradually increasing the speed and height of the jumps.

5. Active Storytelling on the Trampoline

Let your imagination run wild with active storytelling on the trampoline. Take turns as a family to tell a story, acting out each segment using jumps and trampoline movements. Incorporate characters and settings for different landings, encouraging creativity and collaboration as everyone contributes ideas and explores diverse movements. This activity enhances communication, creativity, and motor skills while providing a fun and engaging way for family members to bond.

6. Trampoline Treasure Hunt

Take the classic treasure hunt game to new heights by hosting it on your trampoline. Hide small, soft objects (such as bean bags or foam balls) within the enclosure netting or buried beneath a layer of small balls. Divide players into teams and set a time limit for them to find and collect the hidden treasures. Players must bounce around the trampoline, tossing the objects they find over the enclosure net to their teammates. The team with the most collected treasures at the end wins. This game boosts teamwork, agility, and balance.

By incorporating a selection of these engaging trampoline games and exercises, families can get the most out of their Jump Star trampoline experience. These activities promote physical health and encourage family members to bond, laugh, and enjoy quality time together, all while staying engaged in an active lifestyle.

Safeguarding Your Family's Trampoline Adventures

Ensuring a safe trampoline environment for your family is integral to enjoying the bouncing fun without any worries. By carefully choosing the right trampoline for your needs, performing regular maintenance and safety checks, and teaching your kids the importance of safe trampoline behaviour, you can rest assured that your family's well-being is a top priority.

Jump Star Trampolines is dedicated to providing top-quality, durable and safe trampolines for Aussie families, ensuring great value and peace of mind. Ready to embrace the joys of trampoline jumping with the confidence of enhanced safety?

Browse our vast collection of trampolines for sale in Australia, safety enclosures, and accessories and find the perfect setup for your family today! Feel free to reach out to us for guidance on trampoline safety, and let's bounce safely into a world of fun-filled trampoline adventures together!

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