Seeking a Safe Outdoor Experience? Jump Star Offers 8 Foot Trampolines with Enclosures

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Danger seems to lurk around every corner - with you racing ahead of your children, trying to avert disaster every second. You soften hard edges; you cover all power points; and you keep every stairway gated, combatting every possible scenario. This process is essential and exhausting, and it leaves you wary of adding an 8 foot trampoline to your back-garden. This seems counter-intuitive to your safety plans.

Jump Star understands your concerns. We also seek to alleviate them, offering 8ft trampolines with enclosures. These options prove perfectly safe for children and teens alike, delivering security, stability, and (of course) fun. Each is painstakingly constructed to ensure long-lasting results.

Since 2010 we’ve served as Australia’s premier provider of 8ft trampolines and enclosures, emphasising safety with every sale. Our team also stresses convenience, with our products boasting flexible lay-by plans and direct shipping dispatches. This ensures that our customers can easily access the products they want - without having to struggle with complicated payments, deliveries, and more. To learn more contact us today. Our office hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm
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Discover a Safe Outdoor Activity: Choose an 8ft Trampoline With Enclosure

Your children are adventurous - wanting to explore the world and its many wonders. This often leaves you worried, however, and you fret over adding an 8 foot trampoline to their playtime routines. Allow us to turn those worries into reliefs.

With every enclosed 8ft trampoline comes a promise of security. These options offer a variety of child-friendly features, each intended to promote durability:

  • Construction - our trampolines boast 1.5mm galvanised steel structures, creating stable bases for every jump.
  • Fabrics - we offer PVC and polypropylene materials, which offer resistance to ultraviolet rays and tears alike.
  • Enclosures - our enclosures feature the Zip-N-Clip entry point, keeping all netting sealed and countering any concerns of falling.

Through these elements, our 8ft trampolines with enclosures promote fun, fitness, and safety for every child. They're ideal for your family.

Our Commitment to Convenience: Choosing an 8 Foot Trampoline

A need for safety dominates your thoughts - but a need for smart shopping is undeniable. Jump Star recognises that our clients need flexible plans and secure shipping. This is why we offer our signature Lay-By program, which provides consumers with a 12-month payment window. Schedule each deposit at your convenience, choosing amounts that reflect your finances.

Once the Lay-By contract is fulfilled, take advantage of our online shipping system - with our team offering fast deliveries and low postage demands. Through this, we ensure that every item arrives on time and budget.

An 8ft trampoline offers endless fun (and sure safety) for every child. Let us provide you with the products, enclosures, and accessories you need to create unforgettable back-garden experiences.

Jump Star is an Australian family-owned company located in Perth. Our huge range of safe high-quality products has enabled us to grow and grow. We now send items to Brisbane, Sydney, MelbourneAdelaide, and in fact all over Australia.  

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