Trampoline Tricks Safely: Essential Guide for Kids & Beginners

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:1 November 2023 

Learn the basics of trampoline tricks with our step-by-step guide focusing on safety and fun for kids and beginners. Read here to learn more!

Trampolining offers an exhilarating way to stay active, improve fitness, and have loads of fun. As your confidence grows on the trampoline, you may feel inclined to try out new tricks and techniques. But pushing your limits comes with a responsibility to ensure every move is made safely to avoid any accidents or injuries.

This step-by-step guide introduces beginner trampoline tricks while keeping safety as the priority. Designed with kids and novice jumpers in mind, our aim is to help you add excitement to your trampoline sessions without compromising on safety. Discover fun and simple trampoline tricks that are easy to master, from basic bounces to more thrilling moves as you gain confidence and control on the trampoline.

Follow along and learn how to safely perform these beginner-friendly trampoline tricks while having a blast on your Jump Star Trampoline.

1. Always Prioritise Safety

Before attempting any trampoline tricks, it's crucial to ensure a safe jumping environment and be aware of your surroundings. Make certain that your trampoline is set up correctly, with a securely fastened safety net and padding over the springs. Supervision is essential for young children, while jumpers should always make sure the trampoline surface is dry and free of debris.

Proper warm-up exercises are vital before trying any tricks, as they help prevent injuries and improve overall performance. Dedicate 5-10 minutes, performing light stretches and bouncing gently to prepare your muscles for the activities ahead.

2. Master the Basics: Controlled Jumping

Learning to control your jumps is the foundation of any trampoline trick. Start by practising small bounces while maintaining a consistent height and landing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Focus on both the stability of your landing and the control of your jumps. As you gain confidence, gradually increase the jump height without compromising your form or control.

Tip: Keep your knees slightly bent and your arms close to your body for added stability during your jumps.

3. The Tuck Jump: Easy and Entertaining

The tuck jump is a simple trick perfect for beginners. Begin with small controlled jumps, and when you're ready, bring your knees up towards your chest as you jump. Hold onto your knees for a brief moment before extending your legs and returning to a standard jumping position. Practice this move until you feel comfortable and confident with your form.

4. The Straddle Jump: A Step Up

Once you've mastered the tuck jump, you can progress to the straddle jump. This move requires a bit more flexibility and balance. Start with controlled jumps, and when you feel ready, spread your legs apart in the air while keeping them straight. Aim to touch your toes with your hands before bringing your legs back together and landing. Repeat the steps as you gain confidence and improve your technique.

To enhance your straddle jump, work on your flexibility through regular stretching exercises targeting your hamstrings and hips.

5. The Pike Jump: Reaching New Heights

Building on the straddle jump, the pike jump involves jumping with both legs stretched out in front of you. Start by bouncing in control, keeping your jumps at a manageable height. As you jump, kick both legs forward simultaneously, maintaining a straight posture. Reach for your toes with your hands, holding the position for a brief moment before returning to a standard jumping position.

Tip: Practise seated toe touches on the ground to increase your flexibility and help perfect your pike jumps on the trampoline.

6. The Seat Drop: Sit and Bounce

The seat drop is a fun trick that helps build confidence and body awareness. Start by jumping in control, maintaining a consistent height. As you bounce up, kick your legs out in front of you and land on your bottom, with your legs straight ahead. Use your hands to brace yourself by placing them on the trampoline mat beside your hips. As you bounce back up, quickly bring your feet underneath you and return to an upright position.

This trick may take several attempts to master, so remember to be patient and focus on proper form.

7. The Swivel Hip: A Twist in Technique

Once you have mastered the seat drop, you can add another element with the swivel hip trick. Begin with a controlled jump, followed by a seat drop. As you bounce back up from the seat drop, twist your hips 180 degrees in the air and perform another seat drop facing the opposite direction. Continue to twist and alternate seat drops, ensuring a fluid and controlled motion throughout the trick.

8. Front and Back Drops: Advanced Moves

After mastering the previous tricks, you may choose to progress to the front and back drops. However, these moves carry a higher risk of injury, so exercise caution and seek guidance from an experienced instructor if possible.

For a front drop, start with controlled jumps and prepare to land on the front of your body, extending your arms and legs. Aim to land with your elbows slightly bent, absorbing the impact before bouncing back up.

The back drop is similar, beginning with controlled jumps before leaning backward and landing on your back. Arch your back slightly, keeping your head off the mat and your arms by your sides. Bounce back up to your feet and return to a standing position.

In all cases, practise the tricks in a safe and controlled manner, always prioritising safety above all else.


With practice and patience, you'll find yourself mastering these beginner trampoline tricks, adding an exciting new dimension to your trampoline experience. Remember always to prioritise safety and start with the basics before progressing to more advanced moves. As your skills improve, you'll undoubtedly discover the incredible benefits and joy that trampolining provides.

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