8 Exciting Trampoline Games for Kids and Families of All Ages

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:12 December 2023 

Discover a fantastic collection of trampoline games designed to entertain kids & families, offering hours of engaging, bounce-filled fun suitable for all ages.

Trampolines offer endless opportunities to create memorable experiences for kids and families alike. Why not take your trampoline fun to the next level with a variety of engaging games and activities? In this listicle, we've compiled eight thrilling trampoline games that cater to children and families of all ages and skill levels.

From classics like trampoline dodgeball and basketball to imaginative games like a trampoline treasure hunt, this list is full of creative ideas to transform your backyard into a bounce-filled playground that sparks laughter, excitement, and friendly competition.

Get ready to inspire your family with these delightful trampoline games and create cherished memories together while enjoying the fantastic outdoors and staying active. Let's jump into this collection of games and bring the joy of trampolining to your family today!

1. Trampoline Dodgeball: A High-Energy Spin on a Classic Game

Trampoline dodgeball combines the excitement of traditional dodgeball with the added element of bouncing fun. To play, you'll need:

- A trampoline with a safety enclosure

- Several soft, lightweight balls, such as foam balls or inflatable beach balls

Split the players into two teams and disperse the balls evenly on the trampoline surface. Players must stay within the trampoline enclosure and attempt to tag opponents with the balls. Once hit, a player must exit the trampoline. The team with the last remaining player wins.

2. Bounce Basketball: A Slam Dunk for Trampoline Fun

Introduce a sporty element to your trampoline play with bounce basketball. All you need is:

- A trampoline, preferably with a safety enclosure

- A basketball or similar-sized inflatable ball

- A portable basketball hoop placed near the trampoline

Players take turns performing creative jumps and attempting to score goals by shooting the ball into the hoop. Make it more challenging by adding twists and turns or even implementing a scoring system based on the level of difficulty of each shot.

3. Trampoline Treasure Hunt: A Bouncy Quest for Hidden Surprises

Ignite the imagination of your little ones with this creative game. To set up the trampoline treasure hunt, you'll need:

- A trampoline with a safety enclosure

- A variety of small, soft, lightweight objects, like foam shapes, stuffed animals, or beanbags

- A blindfold

Hide the 'treasure' items all around the trampoline, tucking them under the padding or between the springs. Blindfold the 'seeker' and guide them onto the trampoline. The other players can provide verbal clues as the blindfolded player searches for the hidden treasures while bouncing. The game continues until all the items have been found.

4. Bouncestacle Course: An Inflatable Challenge of Agility and Coordination

Transform your trampoline into an exciting obstacle course with the Bouncestacle Course. You'll need:

- A trampoline with a safety enclosure

- Several lightweight objects, like pool noodles, hula hoops, or inflatable balls

- A stopwatch (optional)

Create an obstacle course by placing various objects around the trampoline, such as hula hoops to jump through or pool noodles to crawl under. Players must complete the course by navigating the obstacles while bouncing on the trampoline. The game can be made more competitive by timing each player's completion and comparing the fastest times at the end.

5. Popcorn: Test Your Balancing Skills with A Burst of Fun

A simple yet entertaining game, Popcorn is perfect for younger kids. To play, you'll need:

- A trampoline

- A lightweight ball, preferably a soft foam ball

All players sit on the trampoline, keeping their feet touching the surface. One player holds the ball and starts bouncing. The objective for the others is to avoid being 'popped' by the bouncing ball while remaining seated. If hit by the ball or moving their feet from the surface, a player is 'popped' and must leave the trampoline. The last un-popped player wins.

6. Crack the Egg: A Hilarious Game of Bouncing Endurance

Crack the Egg is another simple, laughter-inducing game, great for kids and families. You'll need:

- A trampoline, preferably with a safety enclosure

One player curls into a tight ball in the middle of the trampoline, holding their knees to their chest, and becomes the 'egg.' The other players bounce around the 'egg,' attempting to make them 'crack', by causing them to let go of their knees. The 'egg' player must remain in their position and hold on as long as possible. Once 'cracked,' another player becomes the 'egg' and the game continues.

7. Simon Bounces: A Game of Memory and Coordination

Exercise your memory and coordination skills with Simon Bounces, a trampoline twist on the classic game 'Simon Says.' To play, you'll need:

- A trampoline

Players start by standing in a circle formation on the trampoline. One player is 'Simon' and must call out a specific bounce or trick). The other players must then replicate the move. If a player does not follow or complete the action correctly, they are out. The last player remaining becomes the new 'Simon.'

8. Trampoline P-I-G: A Creative Trick-Performing Challenge

For a more advanced game that encourages creativity and technical skills, try Trampoline P-I-G. You'll need:

- A trampoline with a safety enclosure

- A whiteboard or notepad to track scores (optional)

Like the basketball game 'P-I-G,' players take turns performing a trampoline trick. After a player performs a trick, the others must replicate it. If players fail to execute the trick correctly, they earn a letter ('P,' 'I,' or 'G'). Once players spell out 'P-I-G,' they are out of the game. The game continues until only one player remains.

Elevate Your Trampoline Fun with Exciting and Creative Games

Our list of eight entertaining trampoline games is guaranteed to amplify the fun for kids and families alike. These games not only provide hours of laughter and excitement but also encourage bonding, teamwork, creativity, and physical activity within the safe confines of your backyard. By engaging in a mix of classic, sporty, and imaginative games, you'll create unique and cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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