Trampoline Buying Guide: Considerations for First-Time Buyers

Date Posted:27 September 2023 

Discover the key factors to consider when purchasing your first trampoline with Jump Star Trampolines' comprehensive buying guide. Read here!

G'day, future trampoline enthusiasts! If you're considering purchasing your first trampoline to bring the joy of bouncing to your family, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options available. But fear not – Jump Star Trampolines is here to help! In this beginner-focused guide, we'll delve into the essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect trampoline for your backyard, including size, shape, safety features, and budget.

We'll walk you through the importance of evaluating your space requirements, understanding Australian safety standards, and balancing cost with quality to make an informed decision that will deliver long-lasting fun and entertainment for your family. So, strap in and get ready to explore the exciting world of trampolines with our comprehensive buying guide, tailored specifically for first-time buyers like you!

1. Take Turns and Share the Fun

Just like any other shared activity, taking turns on a trampoline is a fundamental rule of trampoline etiquette. By waiting for your turn, you demonstrate respect for others and help prevent overcrowding, which can lead to safety hazards. Here are some tips for implementing a fair turn-taking system:

  • Establish a time limit for each person's turn to ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity
  • Create a rotation where the order of jumpers is predetermined
  • Encourage kids to cheer for their friends while they wait for their turn, promoting a positive and supportive environment

2. One Jumper at a Time

Though it might be tempting to join in with friends for a group bounce, allowing only one person at a time to jump on the trampoline greatly reduces the risk of accidents. According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, most trampoline injuries occur when multiple users are bouncing simultaneously. To maintain safety and respect, adhere to the one-jumper rule.

3. Proper Supervision of Children and Beginners

Supervision is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable trampoline experience. For children, make sure that an adult is present to keep a close eye on their jumping activities and intervene if necessary. Beginners should also be supervised, regardless of their age, until they become comfortable and confident with their jumping skills. To foster trampoline etiquette, supervisors should:

  • Educate kids and beginners about the importance of taking turns and respecting others
  • Encourage safe jumping techniques
  • Step in if any unsafe or disrespectful behaviour is observed

4. Respect Age and Weight Limits

Trampolines come in various sizes and are designed to accommodate specific age groups and weight capacities. By respecting the age and weight limits specified by the trampoline manufacturer, you help ensure a safe jumping experience and prevent unnecessary strain on the trampoline components, potentially prolonging its lifespan. Keep these considerations in mind:

  • Check your trampoline's weight limit to prevent overcrowding or exceeding its safe capacity
  • Follow age recommendations closely, as they are designed with a child's developmental needs in mind
  • Encourage jumpers to choose a trampoline that matches their ability and comfort levels

5. No Rough Play or Dangerous Tricks

To maintain a safe and respectful trampoline environment, it's crucial to avoid risky jumps, flips, or roughhousing while on the trampoline. A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics found that attempting somersaults and flips accounted for a large portion of trampoline-related injuries. Here are some tips for preventing risky behaviour:

  • Set clear boundaries regarding what types of jumps are allowed on the trampoline
  • Remind jumpers that trampolines are not intended for wrestling or aggressive play
  • Supervise your jumpers closely to ensure they follow the established rules

6. Keep the Area Around the Trampoline Clear

Maintaining a safe space around your trampoline prevents potential collisions or injuries if someone falls off the trampoline. To establish a clear and safe boundary, apply these guidelines:

  • Keep toys, pets, and other objects away from the trampoline
  • Establish a designated seating area for spectators to prevent them from obstructing the trampoline's perimeter
  • Remove any hazards, such as rocks or branches, from the area surrounding the trampoline

7. Educate Users on Safe Jumping Techniques

Proper jumping technique is essential for a safe and enjoyable trampoline experience. By teaching users safe jumping techniques, you minimise the risk of injury and promote a respectful bouncing session. Here are some tips for fostering safe jumping habits:

  • Encourage jumpers to stay in the centre of the trampoline when jumping, as this is the safest area
  • Advise users to avoid landing on their heads or necks, as these can lead to severe injuries
  • Teach jumpers how to control their height, speed, and trajectory during a bouncing session

8. Respect Other Users' Space

Maintaining personal space is crucial for preventing collisions and fostering a respectful trampoline environment. Encourage jumpers to:

  • Be aware of their surroundings and other users on or around the trampoline
  • Allow ample distance between themselves and other jumpers when taking turns
  • Refrain from pushing, shoving, or invading another jumper's personal space

9. Utilise Safety Precautions

Ensuring that your trampoline is equipped with safety precautions, such as safety nets or padding, demonstrates your commitment to promoting a secure and enjoyable jumping experience. Consider investing in:

  • A sturdy safety net to prevent falls or accidents
  • Shock-absorbing padding to cushion the trampoline's springs and frame
  • Regular maintenance checks to ensure all trampoline components are in excellent condition

10. Proper Attire and Hygiene

Jumping barefoot or wearing grip socks can help prevent slips and falls, while maintaining a clean trampoline surface ensures a hygienic experience for all users. Also, refrain from eating, drinking, or chewing gum while on the trampoline.

11. Engaging in Cooperative Play and Activities

Creating a community-oriented environment on the trampoline fosters respect and cooperation. Encourage users to participate in:

  • Group games like "Crack the Egg" or "HORSE," which promote interaction and communication
  • Training sessions or workshops on techniques like somersaults or flips, led by experienced jumpers
  • Collaborative challenges, like setting a record for the longest simultaneous bounce session

By following these essential trampoline etiquette rules, users can maximize the safety, enjoyment, and harmony of their trampoline experience. Building a supportive and inclusive environment allows every user to hone their skills, foster a sense of camaraderie, and make the most of their time on the trampoline.

Discover the Joy of Bouncing with Confidence and Respect

Following proper trampoline etiquette creates a safe and enjoyable environment for all users. By embracing these essential guidelines, you'll be fostering a respectful culture, allowing everyone to have fun, stay safe and develop new skills during their trampoline sessions.

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