Safe and Respectful Jumping Rules for Family and Friends

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:18 October 2023 

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A trampoline is a fantastic source of joy, exercise, and bonding for families and friends. However, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time while bouncing, it's essential to establish clear rules and guidelines for trampoline use. By implementing proper trampoline etiquette, you'll create an environment where jumpers of all ages can have fun without compromising their safety or the well-being of others.

In this article, Jump Star Trampolines offers practical advice on setting up specific trampoline rules for family members and guests, from the basics of jumping safety to respecting personal boundaries and property. With these guidelines in place, everyone can relish in the thrill of bouncing while maintaining a harmonious and accident-free atmosphere. Ready to leap into action? Embrace the concept of respectful trampoline etiquette, and confidently welcome family and friends for hours of bouncing pleasure.

1. Establish Clear Jumping Safety Rules

  • One Jumper at a Time: Although it may be tempting to have several people on the trampoline simultaneously, it's necessary to limit the number of jumpers to reduce the risk of accidents and collisions. According to, allowing only one person on the trampoline at a time significantly decreases the likelihood of injury.
  • No Roughhousing: To prevent injury, make it clear that rough play, including pushing, wrestling, and other aggressive behaviours, will not be tolerated on the trampoline. Implement a "time-out" system for individuals who repeatedly engage in unsafe actions.
  • Supervision is Essential: Designate a responsible adult to supervise trampoline activities, especially when children are involved. The supervisor ensures that safety rules are being followed and can address any potential dangers immediately.

2. Educate Users on Safe Jumping Techniques

  • Feet-First Landings: Encourage jumpers to land on their feet as much as possible. If a person does land on their hands and knees or in a seated position, they should quickly revert to a standing position to regain control.
  • Discouràge High-Intensity Stunts: High-flying flips, spins, and other high-intensity stunts may be impressive, but they significantly increase the risk of injury. Explain to trampoline users that such activities should be avoided, and remind them of safer jumping options, such as simple bounces or jumping jacks.
  • Maintain Proper Body Posture: Educate users on maintaining proper body posture while jumping, such as keeping a slightly bent knee when landing. This strategy helps to minimise the impact on joints and reduce the likelihood of injury.

3. Instil Respect for Personal Boundaries and Property

  • Waiting Your Turn: To keep things fair and avoid overcrowding the trampoline, it's essential to establish a waiting system, such as assigning designated time slots for each jumper. This approach prevents users from rushing onto the trampoline before others have finished their turn.
  • Permission to Bounce: Make it clear that users must ask for permission before joining others on the trampoline. This consideration allows for a comfortable and consensual experience, showing respect for personal boundaries and preferences.
  • No Shoes or Sharp Objects: Require participants to remove their shoes before jumping and ensure they don't have anything sharp or potentially harmful in their possessions that could damage the trampoline or cause injury to other users.

4. Implement Regular Safety Checks and Maintenance

  • Inspect the Trampoline: Before allowing anyone to use the trampoline, conduct regular safety inspections to ensure its structural integrity. Checks should include the trampoline mat, springs, pads, and the frame for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Monitor Weather Conditions: Pay attention to the weather or any environmental factors that could impact trampoline use. In the case of rain, high winds, or extreme heat, consider postponing trampoline activity until weather conditions improve.
  • Keep the Area Clear: To minimise the risk of accidents, maintain a clean and clutter-free environment around the trampoline. Additionally, ensure that the area underneath the trampoline remains clear, as this can prevent potential injury should a fall occur.

5. Foster a Positive and Inclusive Atmosphere

  • Encourage Group Games: Introduce trampoline games that are suitable for different age groups and skill levels, promoting a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among participants. Ensure that the chosen games adhere to the established safety rules and guidelines.
  • Praise Safe Behaviour: Offer praise and positive reinforcement to jumpers who follow the rules and engage in safe behaviours. This recognition helps to establish a culture of trampoline safety and respect among users.
  • Set a Good Example: As the trampoline owner or supervisor, model safe and respectful behaviour for others to follow. Show that you take trampoline etiquette seriously by adhering to the rules and guidelines you've established, creating an environment where everyone can enjoy a safe and fun trampoline experience.

By implementing trampoline etiquette guidelines and fostering awareness of safe trampoline use, you'll create an enjoyable and secure jumping atmosphere for friends and family. In addition to promoting a sense of responsibility and respect, these measures help to prevent potential injuries and accidents, allowing everyone to fully embrace the joys of trampolining.

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