Fun Family Games to Play on Your Backyard Trampoline

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Discover exciting trampoline games for kids and adults. Make backyard play fun and safe with creative and educational challenges. Read here!

Playing games on a backyard trampoline is one of the best ways to combine fun with physical activity. At Jump Star Trampolines, we know that trampolines offer endless opportunities for enjoyment, providing an exciting way to stay active and bond with family and friends. Whether you’re bouncing solo or with a group, coming up with fun games to play on your trampoline can make each session more engaging and enjoyable.

Trampolining isn't just about basic jumping; it presents a unique platform where everyone, from young children to adults, can let their creativity soar through various games. These games can range from simple and classic ones that never go out of style, to innovative challenges that keep everyone on their toes. This blend of tradition and creativity keeps trampoline sessions dynamic, ensuring that participants are always entertained and looking forward to their next jump.


With that in mind, let's explore some of the most enjoyable and interactive games you can play on your backyard trampoline. These games cater to different interests and ages, ensuring there's something for everyone to love and participate in, all while making the most of your trampolining experience.

Classic Trampoline Games for All Ages

Trampolining isn't just a great way to exercise; it’s also a fantastic platform for playing a variety of classic games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. One such game is "Crack the Egg," where one person sits in the middle of the trampoline, hugging their knees to their chest while others jump around them. The goal is to make the person sitting let go of their knees, "cracking the egg" without physically touching them. This game is both thrilling and encourages coordination and balance.

Another timeless game is "Bouncing Statues." In this game, one participant starts as the leader and calls out "Statue" at random intervals. When they call out, everyone else must freeze in their current position. Anyone who moves is out of the game. The last person standing becomes the new leader. This game is not only fun but also helps improve quick reflexes and body control. Both these games can turn any trampoline session into a laughter-filled experience that’s perfect for any age group.

Creative Challenges for Active Play

Active play on a trampoline can be taken to the next level with creative and engaging challenges. One exciting challenge is "Trampoline Dodgeball." Using soft, lightweight balls, players try to dodge or catch balls thrown by others while jumping. This game encourages agility and teamwork, making it a favourite for both kids and adults.

Another engaging activity is creating an obstacle course on the trampoline using soft toys and cones. Set up various stations where jumpers must perform specific jumps or navigate through obstacles. For instance, one station could require doing ten star jumps, while another might need weaving in and out of cones. This not only makes trampolining more interactive but also enhances coordination and stamina.

These creative challenges ensure that trampoline sessions are never dull. They provide varied and stimulating ways to keep everyone active and entertained, making the most out of your trampoline time.

Classic Trampoline Games for All Ages

Trampolining offers numerous opportunities for fun games that people of all ages can enjoy. One of the most popular is "Crack the Egg," where one person sits in the middle of the trampoline in a tucked position, like an egg, while others jump around them trying to make them "crack" or let go of their tucked position. This game is excellent for developing balance and coordination while having loads of fun.

Another classic game is "Follow the Leader," where one person performs a jump or trick, and others try to replicate it. This game encourages creativity and helps jumpers improve their skills. "Bum Wars" is another favourite; participants jump and land on their bottoms. The first person to return to their feet wins the round. It's a lot of fun and helps build muscle strength and agility.

Creative Challenges for Active Play

To keep things exciting, consider introducing some creative challenges on your trampoline. "Obstacle Course" is a thrilling game where you set up small challenges using items like soft foam blocks or cones. Jumpers must navigate the course as quickly as possible without stepping off the trampoline. This game enhances agility, speed, and problem-solving skills.

"Trampoline Dodgeball" is another great challenge. Using soft, lightweight balls, players aim to hit each other while bouncing. This fast-paced game improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes. For a more cooperative activity, try "Simon Says," but with trampoline moves. The leader calls out different jumps or tricks, and participants must follow along. If they fail, they’re out until the next round. This game encourages active listening and following instructions, making it both fun and beneficial.

Final Thoughts

At Jump Star Trampolines, we believe that trampolining is more than just a fun activity; it's a great way to keep fit and spend quality time with family and friends. With various exciting games, from classics to creative challenges, there's always something new to try. Remember that safety is key, so ensure everyone knows the rules and that your trampoline is well-maintained.

Incorporating these activities into your trampoline routine will not only provide hours of entertainment but also promote physical fitness and skill development. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jumper, these games will keep everyone engaged and active.

Visit Jump Star Trampolines today to buy a trampoline and accessories to enhance your backyard fun. Let’s jump into a world of enjoyment and wellness together!

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