Age-Appropriate Trampoline Activities for Kids

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:26 June 2024 

In this blog post, we delve into the best trampoline activities for each age group to help you create a fun and secure environment for your kids. Keep reading!

At Jump Star Trampolines, we understand that kids of different ages have varied needs and abilities when it comes to playing on trampolines. Ensuring that activities are age-appropriate not only keeps them safe but also makes their playtime more enjoyable and beneficial. Trampolines offer a fantastic way for children to get active, develop coordination, and expend energy in a fun and engaging manner.

From the moment toddlers take their first steps, incorporating safe and fun trampoline activities can support their motor skills development and provide them with hours of entertainment. As they grow, introducing them to jumping games can sharpen their coordination and balance. Older kids can handle more challenging exercises that enhance strength and agility, while teens might be ready to learn advanced moves and tricks that push their skills further.

By tailoring trampoline activities to suit their age, we can make sure each child reaps the rewards of active play while staying safe. Let’s delve into the best trampoline activities for each age group to help you create a fun and secure environment for your kids.

Safe and Fun Activities for Toddlers (Ages 2-4)

When it comes to toddlers, safety and simplicity are key. Toddlers benefit greatly from gentle bouncing, which helps them develop balance and coordination. One great activity is “Bounce and Sing.” In this game, we sing familiar nursery rhymes or songs while the toddlers gently bounce on the trampoline. This not only engages their bodies but also stimulates their minds with music and rhythm.

Another favourite is “Catch the Ball.” Here, we place soft, lightweight balls on the trampoline and let the toddlers try to catch or kick them as they bounce gently. This helps improve their hand-eye coordination and keeps them entertained. Always supervise closely to ensure safety and make sure the trampoline has safety features like a net and padding to protect the little jumpers.

Engaging Jumping Games for Young Kids (Ages 5-8)

Young kids have boundless energy and love games that challenge their skills. One engaging game is “Simon Says Jump.” In this game, one person acts as Simon and gives fun commands like “jump high,” “spin around,” or “jump on one foot,” and the kids follow along. This game is great for promoting listening skills and following directions while having fun.

Another popular game is “Bounce Obstacle Course.” We place soft obstacles like cushions or foam blocks on the trampoline and let the kids navigate around them by jumping or stepping over them. This game helps improve their spatial awareness and agility. Providing varied, imaginative games keeps young kids excited about trampolining and encourages them to be active in a safe, enjoyable way.

Safe and Fun Activities for Toddlers (Ages 2-4)

Creating a safe and enjoyable environment for toddlers on the trampoline is important. One great activity is "Bounce and Sing." This game involves simple bouncing while singing nursery rhymes or children's songs. It helps toddlers with rhythm and coordination while keeping them entertained. To ensure safety, always supervise toddlers closely and keep the bouncing gentle.

Another fun activity is "Balloon Catch." Place a few lightweight balloons on the trampoline and let the toddlers try to catch and keep them in the air. This game encourages hand-eye coordination without the risk of injury from hard objects. Always stay within arm's reach to guide them and prevent falls. By keeping activities simple and supervised, toddlers can safely enjoy all the fun a trampoline has to offer.

Engaging Jumping Games for Young Kids (Ages 5-8)

Young kids are full of energy and love engaging trampoline games. "Jump Tag" is an exciting game where one person is "it" and tries to tag others while everyone is bouncing. This game boosts agility and reflexes. Make sure the trampoline is large enough to allow safe movement and that all players understand the rules.

"Simon Says" is another enjoyable game, adapted for the trampoline. One person is Simon and gives commands related to jumping, like "Simon says, do a knee bounce." Participants must only follow commands that start with "Simon says." This activity improves listening skills and offers plenty of laughs. Both games keep kids active, engaged, and help to build essential physical and cognitive abilities.

Challenging Exercises for Older Kids (Ages 9-12)

Older kids can handle more complex trampoline exercises that challenge their strength and coordination. "Jumping Jacks" is a perfect fit, where they perform jumping jacks while on the trampoline. This exercise strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular health. Another great activity is "Tuck Jumps," where kids pull their knees to their chest while in the air. This move enhances core strength and control.

"Trampoline Basketball" is a thrilling game where kids try to shoot a soft ball into a hoop attached to the trampoline net. This activity combines jumping with aiming, improving both leg muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. These exercises not only keep older kids fit but also add a dynamic and competitive element to trampolining.

Advanced Moves and Tricks for Teens (Ages 13+)

Teens can explore advanced moves and tricks on the trampoline, taking their skills to the next level. One popular trick is the "Front Flip." Teens should start by practising somersaults and then progress to performing front flips with proper technique. Always ensure there is adequate padding and supervision to prevent injuries.

The "Back Flip" is another exciting trick for teens. It requires precise control and should be practised under adult supervision. Start with backward rolls and gradually build up to back flips. Additionally, the "Pike Jump" where jumpers keep their legs straight and touch their toes mid-air, helps enhance flexibility and balance. These advanced moves not only increase fitness levels but also provide a sense of accomplishment.


At Jump Star Trampolines, we believe that trampolines offer endless opportunities for fun, fitness, and family bonding. From safe activities for toddlers to advanced tricks for teens, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. By incorporating these games and exercises, your family can stay active and engaged whether you're bouncing, flipping, or playing a creative trampoline game.

Trampolining is a wonderful way to keep fit and spend quality time together. Remember to always prioritise safety, follow the recommended guidelines, and keep the trampoline well-maintained. Reach out to Jump Star Trampolines to explore our wide range of trampolines and accessories, perfectly suited for fun and fitness. Let's bounce our way to joy and well-being together!

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