Transform Your Trampoline Space: 5 Fun DIY Add-Ons for Trampolines

Author: Jump Star Trampolines   Date Posted:16 June 2024 

Every trampoline has the potential to become a unique and even more delightful space for your family to enjoy. By adding a touch of creativity, you can personalise your trampoline environment with inventive and enjoyable DIY add-ons. These enhancements not only increase the fun factor but also create a space that reflects your family's interests and tastes.

Our article explores five imaginative DIY projects perfect for customising your trampoline space, catering to various preferences and skill levels. From trampoline canopies to colourful designs, discover how these captivating additions breathe new life into your trampoline experience, making it even more special for your family. Get ready to be inspired and transform your trampoline space today!

1. Colourful Trampoline Designs

Give your trampoline mat a custom makeover by creating eye-catching patterns and vibrant designs with fabric paint or permanent markers. This project allows you and your family to unleash your artistic talents while adding a personal touch to your trampoline.

Prior to beginning, ensure that your trampoline is clean and dry. Sketch out your desired designs on paper before transferring them onto the mat surface. From geometric patterns to family members' names or favourite characters, the options are endless. Once your artistic creations are complete, allow the designs to dry thoroughly before resuming jumping activities. Remember to use fabric paint or markers that are specifically designed for outdoor use to ensure durability and colourfastness.

2. DIY Trampoline Canopy

A trampoline canopy not only provides shade and protection from the elements but also adds an extra level of privacy and visual appeal to your trampoline space. You can create a custom canopy using durable outdoor fabric, such as canvas or heavy-duty polyester.

To create a trampoline canopy, measure the circumference of your trampoline, then cut a suitable piece of fabric large enough to cover it with a little excess to allow for securing. It's important to cut the fabric with a slight curve to account for the trampoline's round shape. Use grommets or eyelets along the fabric's edge, evenly spaced to match the trampoline poles or enclosure columns.

Attach the canopy to the trampoline using bungee cords, connecting each grommet or eyelet to the corresponding pole or column. Ensure the canopy is taut and securely fastened to withstand winds and allow for proper water drainage.

3. Outdoor Movie Theatre

Transform your trampoline into the perfect outdoor movie theatre by setting up a projector and a screen or white sheet. This add-on ensures an unforgettable movie night experience while enjoying the comfort and bounce of your trampoline.

First, securely hang a white sheet or screen opposite your trampoline (at a safe distance), ensuring it's stretched tight and wrinkle-free for the best viewing experience. Position a projector on a table or stand, directing the image towards the screen. Connect your projector to a laptop, DVD player, or streaming device to access your favourite movies.

For added comfort, scatter some cushions, blankets, or bean bags on the trampoline surface, creating a cosy spot to relax and watch the film. Enhance the ambience with fairy lights or lanterns, and don't forget the popcorn!

4. Trampoline Plant Hangers

Embrace nature and elevate your trampoline space by creating plant hangers around the trampoline enclosure. Whether your preferences lie with potted flowers, hanging foliage, or small herbs, these plant hangers can bring a calming garden atmosphere to your trampoline, perfect for decompressing after a bouncing session.

Using wide, durable ribbon, rope, or fabric, create plant hangers that can accommodate the pot size you wish to display. Ensure your hangers are strong enough to hold the weight of the potted plants. Secure the plant hangers to the trampoline enclosure poles or net columns using hooks or strong knots. For added appeal, create hangers with different lengths to display a tiered assortment of plants.

5. Trampoline Ball Pit

Turn your trampoline into an exciting ball pit by introducing soft plastic balls or foam balls to the jumping surface. This fun project can provide countless hours of enjoyment for children and serve as an excellent sensory play activity.

First, determine the quantity of balls required to achieve your desired ball pit depth on the trampoline surface. Keep in mind that more balls will create a cushioned experience but also account for additional weight. To prepare the trampoline for a ball pit conversion, ensure that the surrounding safety enclosure is secured and zipped up to prevent balls from escaping. Introduce the plastic or foam balls to the trampoline surface, distributing them evenly to create a consistent layer.

Note that the trampoline ball pit should only be used by children under adult supervision, and always be aware of the trampoline's weight limit to ensure safety.

6. Chalk Art on Trampoline

Unleash your creativity with chalk art on the trampoline surface. Pastel chalks allow you to draw wonderful temporary designs on the rubber mat, which can be easily erased with a bit of soap and water.

Gather an array of coloured chalks to create vibrant pictures, patterns, or messages. Let each family member contribute their artistic flair to the trampoline surface. This fun and simple DIY project can also help improve coordination and motor skills in younger children. Just make sure to wash away the chalk with soap and water once you're done to avoid any slipping hazards during jumping activities.

Unleash Your Creativity with Jump Star Trampolines

Taking the time to personalise and enhance your trampoline space can bring countless hours of joy and togetherness for your family and friends. With these imaginative and enriching DIY projects, you can easily transform your trampoline experience into something extraordinary that merges fun, relaxation, and creativity.

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